How to Find the Perfect Color for Your Glasses

Today, frames come in every color you can think of and the popularity of colorful frames seems to be on a never-ending rise. Finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses & sunglasses online is easy. With over 7000 styles to choose from on our site, we know we have your dream pair awaiting to be picked.

In order to make your shopping experience even simpler & quicker for you, we created a color guide to help you choose the right color for your perfect frame.

1. Compliment Your Skin Tone

The key to matching skin tone and frame is finding a color that highlights your own.

To find the best match, we’ll split this matter into four categories: light skin tone with warm undertones, light skin with cool undertones, dark skin with warm undertones and dark skin with cool undertones.

    • Light skin, warm undertones:
Pale complexions are usually complemented by a yellowish or green undertone. Frame colors best suited in this case are neutrals, brown, tortoiseshell and bold purple or red.
    • Light skin, cool undertones:
Other pale complexions can be complemented by pink or blue undertones. The best match in terms of frame color would be blue, pink, beige or light brown.
    • Dark skin, warm undertones:
This skin tones usually have a somewhat shiny hue. Dark browns, tortoiseshell, gold and gold-green colors work best here.
    • Dark skin, cool undertones:
A bluish undertone fits this category. Black, purple and a variety of blue hues make the best fit for this skin tone.
2. How about Your Hair Color?

The same rule here: Hair color can be a very dominant feature so finding a frame that highlights and compliments it is important.

    • Blond & Light Brown:
Darker frames go well with these hair colors. Go with black, brown, blue or purple to get the most out of your bespectacled look.
    • Dark Brown & Black:
This hair color offers more variety when it comes to the hue of your frames, especially for black hair which works well with pretty much anything, although black & green frames are best suited in this case. Brown hair looks best with green, red and even gold-colored frames.
    • Redheads:
Quite a lot to choose from in this case, but red or green frames are a terrific choice, as well as blue, black and of course, tortoiseshell.
    • White & Gray:
Whether it’s salt & pepper or more homogenous, it’s nice to contrast this hair color with warmer hues. Strong reds, purples or shiny black frames will have the best effect.
3. Keep Your Eyes in Mind

Unless you’re wearing sunglasses, your eye’s color goes hand in hand with the frame you’ll choose.

    • Blue eyes:
Go hand in hand with dark or light blue frames, as well as gray or translucent pairs.
    • Brown eyes:
Pair up really nicely with brown, tortoiseshell, green and gold frames.
    • Green eyes:
Brown and gold frames pair up nicely with this eye color. Another way to go is purple or dark pink, offering a flattering contrast.
    • Hazel eyes:
You can go in a number of directions here, all will be right. Green (especially deeper tones), grays, clear and gold bring out the best of hazel-colored eyes.

Whether you’re looking for your glasses to perfectly align or cleverly contrast your skin, hair and eye colors, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the frame color you choose, whether it falls in with the guidelines or not. Break the rules!

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