Contact Lenses

Why are people switching to contact lens?

Every day, over 125 million people all over the world enjoy the convenience and freedom of contact lenses.

Thanks to advances in optical technology, there’s never been a better time to find contact lenses to suit your individual requirements.


We’ve contact lenses for every lifestyle. You may spend time in the sun and want lenses with UV protection, or you may want to wear sunglasses but can’t get them in your prescription. You could be a keen sportsperson, tired of glasses which fall off or mist up. You could just be someone who doesn’t want to wear glasses on a special occasion or big night out.


Contrary to what a lot of people think, contact lenses don’t have to be expensive. In fact, when you take loss and breakage into consideration, they could be far cheaper than glasses in the long run. With daily lenses starting from as little as ₱90 a day, we have something for every budget.


It’s amazing how many people rule themselves out of wearing contact lenses because they don’t think their prescription is suitable. In fact, it’s only very rarely that we can’t find the perfect lens to suit any eye. Astigmatism or the need for varifocals is certainly no longer a barrier to wearing contact lenses.

What type of contact lens should you get?

Not all contact lenses are the same. Because they are manufactured to suit different
prescriptions, eye shapes and even certain eye conditions.


Daily disposables are used to correct short or long sightedness. They’re the healthiest and most convenient way to wear contact lenses. They give you a fresh, clear lens every day, with no need for solutions. They’re ideal for when you don’t want to wear glasses – either occasionally or every day.


Monthly and two-weekly contact lenses are used to correct short or long sightedness. They’re for daily wear but, rather than dispose of them at the end of the day, they can be cleaned and stored until you wear them again. They’re ideal if you are looking for the most economical lenses.