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      Ray-Ban Junior Eyeglasses for Boys & Girls

      The Ray-Ban Junior collection teems with playful style and rugged durability in eyeglasses for boys and girls. This company, celebrated as one of the leading eyewear makers around the globe, creates appealing frames styles from classic to contemporary, in an eye-catching array of colors and shapes kids love. At practice, in school, or just hanging out with friends, kids who want a standout look in frames will enjoy wearing Ray-Ban Junior eyeglasses. And their parents will appreciate eyeglasses that endure the exuberant lifestyles of children.

      Ray-Ban Junior Eyeglass Frames Styles

      Explore authentic Ray-Ban Junior eyeglasses for silhouettes to please any child’s preference. Sleek metal styles exude a modern vibe for boys and girls who prefer an edgy look, while chunky styles offer a more vintage profile. Two-tone frames—the frame and temple in different hues—are perfect for kids looking for just a pop of color. Vibrant blues, pinks, and purples speak to kids who want to make a bold statement, while tortoiseshell, grey, and black offer a traditional look. Choose from the classic skull temple design, in durable metal or plastic, or the distinctive and more contemporary shark fin temple—wider in the middle than at the ends. Many of these designer styles feature metal accents on the front of the frames, adding interesting detail. Thoughtfully designed for a variety of face shapes, these frames are made to fit kids’ smaller faces.

      Crafted for the heavy use of active kids, eyeglasses in the Ray-Ban Junior collection are made of exceptionally durable materials, including Monel, acetate, and propionate, lightweight, and comfortable enough to wear every day. Metal frames are sturdy, easily adjustable, and resist rust even when exposed to water. Plastics are rugged, versatile, and lend themselves to a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and prints.

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