A Clear Vision of Kindness: The Life-Changing Gift of Eyeglasses

A Clear Vision of Kindness: The Life-Changing Gift of Eyeglasses

A Clear Vision of Kindness: The Life-Changing Gift of Eyeglasses

In the heart of Mandaluyong City, amidst the rush of everyday life, a small act of kindness blossomed.

It all began when a heartwarming post by a netizen went viral, capturing the attention of millions. The post now boasts over 2.3 million views and 340k likes on TikTok, as well as 1.7 million views, 140k reactions, and almost 7k shares on Facebook.

The video featured Ronnel David, 43, a man with a unique gift: spreading joy one origami flower at a time. He is a street artist who offers his masterpieces to passersby in exchange for any amount. "Masayang masaya po ako, maraming nag-comment na natutuwa sa pagkagawa ng origami flowers ko," says Ronnel. (I am very happy that many people have commented, saying that my origami flowers make them happy.) For him, each flower he folds carries a piece of hope and a wish for a brighter day for everyone who receives it.

However, behind Ronnel's heartwarming gesture lies a challenge he faces—his deteriorating eyesight. "3 years na po itong salamin ko na ginagamit ko ngayon. Tumaas na rin po itong grado ng mata ko, kaya gusto ko pong magkaroon ng salamin," Ronnel added. (I've been using these glasses for three years now. My eye grade has also increased, so I want to get new glasses.)

Ronnel feels that his poor eyesight not only hampers his passion for creating paper flowers but also hinders him from seeing a brighter future.

Last August, Errol Magdato, a loyal client of Vision Express reached out and asked if it could help Ronnel with his eye care needs. "Nung nakilala namin siya, at nakuwento niya na nahihirapan na siya sa mata niya... Naisip kong humingi ng tulong from Vision Express kasi tingin ko malaking bagay yung magagawa ng bagong salamin para sa kanya," says Errol. (When we met him and he told us about his eye troubles, I thought of asking for help from Vision Express because I believe new glasses could make a significant difference for him.)

Vision Express, being the leading optical shop in the Philippines, didn’t think twice and proudly took the responsibility through its CSR initiative, VEX Cares. Vision Express Managing Director Neelam Gopwani emphasized, "We believe in the power of clear vision to enrich lives and inspire creativity. Ronnel's story resonated with us, and Vision Express, through VEX Cares, is proud to contribute to his journey."

For many, a pair of eyeglasses is just a simple accessory. But for Ronnel, a former construction worker and dedicated father of three, it represents a lifeline to a brighter future. By providing him with a free comprehensive eye exam and eyeglasses equipped with customized progressive lenses, Vision Express has done more than just improve his sight; they have equipped him with the tools to pursue more stable employment, thereby empowering him to provide for his family with renewed vigor.

The story of Ronnel is a testament to the transformative power of a single pair of eyeglasses. Clear vision is not just about seeing the world with clarity; it's also about envisioning a future filled with bright possibilities.

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