Vision Express Sustainability Collection

Vision Express Sustainability Collection


Envision a more sustainable future with the right pair of sustainable glasses from Vision Express.

Committed to providing the best visual solution to everyone, Vision Express furthers its cause for a more sustainable future for fashion — and the world — with the right pair of eco-friendly glasses. Vision Express offers a range of sustainable eyewear choices from various brands.

G1376SA00155, PHP 34,990

A must-have – this limited-edition Gucci sunglasses are made with recycled acetate. Its white oversized frame is complimented with brown finish lenses for an elegant look

Ray-Ban Bio-acetate Wayfarer, PHP 12,990

Forever shifting horizons, the Wayfarer takes a new direction once more. Just as iconic on the outside, but different on the inside. This style is made with bio-based* materials. The Bio-Acetate Wayfarer is made with 67% bio-based materials* derived from renewable sources such as cotton, wood pulp, cereals, beet and sugar cane. The style comes in 2 classic colorways (Black and Havana) and 3 new striped patterns (red, blue, gray). Each pair features an exclusive engraving and comes with a special pouch and box made from organic and recycled materials.

RB2140F13583152:  Black
RB2140F13593152: Havana
RB2140F1361R552: Striped blue
RB2140F13628552: Striped red
RB2140F13607152: Striped gray



Tony Morgan London marries style and sustainability in their eco-friendly frames collection. The pieces in the collection are made with organic materials such as cotton and wood pulp, making it lightweight and durable. Known to protect the vision of the digital generation, each eyewear is equipped with blue-light blocking lenses. One can get two pairs of Tony Morgan eyewear at any Vision Express store for only PHP 2,990.


About Gucci

Gucci is a luxury Italian brand that started as a luggage manufacturer, but over time, it developed and grew up into a great fashion house that offers outstanding clothes, shoes, bags, textiles, cosmetics, fragrances, and accessories, including a stunning eyewear collection. Each pair of glasses evokes luxury and symbolizes uniqueness, combined with impeccable design and high-quality materials. Originality, stand-out look, and reliability are the main characteristics of eyewear made by a trustworthy and would-known brand that has got the reputation of the leader in a wonderful world of modern vogue and bold design.

About Ray-Ban

The brand Ray-Ban was registered and marketed in 1937. Originally known as ‘Anti-Glare’ by pilots for its basic function, Ray-Ban was ultimately rebranded to emphasize how this new accessory could effectively block (Ban) sun rays (Ray). With the foresight that the style was well-designed and could appeal to the masses, it was officially coined the name Ray-Ban Aviator in 1937. The frames became an instant classic and has permeated iconic style ever since. Through every decade of its existence, Ray-Ban has shaped popular culture. Never just a transient trend, Ray-Ban eyewear mark out the wearer as an individual of taste and discernment. And now, more than 80 years after the first pairs of Ray-Ban Aviator helped US pilots reach new heights, Ray-Ban remains an enduring classic.

About Emporio Armani

The Emporio Armani Collection has a strong, dynamic character. A “container” brand that offers a wide choice of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories – including eyewear, watches and jewelry – from the EA7 Emporio Armani sportswear collection to the kid’s line Emporio Armani Junior.

About Tony Morgan London

Stylish specs with blue-light blocking lenses. Tony Morgan London was created to protect the vision of the digital generation, blocking 99.9% of harmful blue light that emits from your computers, cellphone, TV, and other digital devices. Tony Morgan London stylishly blocks blue light exposure while offering you a better quality of life in the digital age.

Vision Express is one of the Philippines’ leading optical chains bringing the latest eyecare technology and over 50+ designer eyewear brands. Vision Express is owned by House of Branded Lifestyle Inc. 

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