Mark your calendars: Vision Express’ Flagship Store has opened in Glorietta

Mark your calendars: Vision Express’ Flagship Store has opened in Glorietta

Mark your calendars: Vision Express’ Flagship Store has opened in Glorietta
This new store is easily the largest optical shop in Glorietta

Vision Express, the leader of customized eye care solutions and home of over 50 and counting designer eyewear brands in the country has finally opened its flagship store located at the ground level of Glorietta 2.

As Vision Express continues to provide its customers with innovative eye care solutions, the flagship store proudly offers overall preventative eye wellness and screening. Aside from the 7-step eye exam, Vision Express’ flagship store introduces its latest service called Advanced Eye Analysis. With the use of the latest and most advanced machine, Vision Bot, their eye doctors can easily and painlessly assess one’s overall eye health. The Advanced Eye Analysis covers the following --

  • Ishihara color vision test - detects one’s ability to see and distinguish different colors 
  • Glaucoma Screening – detects early signs of glaucoma by measuring one’s intraocular pressure.\ 
  • Retinal screening – checks signs of diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other eye conditions 
  • Dry eye test – checks if one’s eyes produces enough tears to keep their eye moist and healthy 
  • External eye screening – identifies conditions that affect the ocular surface such as pink eye, allergies, corneal infections. It uses Slit Lamp that helps magnify the eyes to help optometrist meticulously study the external eye. Through this, the optometrist is also able to check the patient’s eyelids and lashes, checking for possible causes for infection and other eye problems. 
  • Visual field assessment – measures the peripheral vision or how well one can see above, below, and to the sides of something you’re looking at. 

The largest optical shop in Glorietta, Vision Express’ flagship store also reimagines the optical experience through its chic and posh interiors. The store is designed for the ultimate customer experience, providing customers with the highest-standard service and full-scope optometric care in a beautiful, comfortable setting.

With over 60 branches nationwide, Vision Express continues to be the leading one-stop-shop for all eye care needs while housing over 50+ of the world’s biggest designer brands including Ray-ban, Gucci, Prada, Mont Blanc, and D&G.

Drop by Vision Express in Glorietta 2 now or book your eye care appointment

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