Overcoming Amblyopia with Vision Express’ Back-to-School Deals

Overcoming Amblyopia with Vision Express’ Back-to-School Deals

Overcoming Amblyopia with Vision Express’ Back-to-School Deals

Amblyopia, commonly known as "lazy eye," is a prevalent vision disorder that affects many individuals, especially children. Amblyopia occurs when one eye develops weaker vision than the other, leading to a "lazy eye" condition. In such cases, the brain relies more on the stronger eye, and over time, the visual processing in the weaker eye weakens further. If left untreated, Amblyopia can lead to permanent vision loss in the affected eye.

Amblyopia is best addressed during childhood when the visual system is still developing. Detecting and treating Amblyopia at a young age can significantly improve the chances of restoring normal vision. Common treatments include wearing corrective eyeglasses or using an eye patch to encourage the weaker eye to strengthen.

As the leading optical shop in the Philippines, Vision Express takes the responsibility of promoting eye health seriously and has incorporated a focus on Amblyopia in its back-to-school campaign. By offering a free 7-step comprehensive eye exam, Vision Express aims to catch the onset of Amblyopia among school-aged children.

As a bonus gift, Vision Express offers exciting back-to-school deals such as 990 pesos Tony Morgan eyeglasses, My First Ray-Ban at 4990 pesos, and My First Designer brand at 4990 pesos, all equipped with multicoated lenses.

By focusing on Amblyopia in its back-to-school campaign, Vision Express demonstrates its commitment to empowering a brighter future for children and individuals facing this vision disorder. Let Vision Express be your partner in fostering healthy vision and a successful academic journey. Visit Vision Express today and invest in a brighter future for your eyes!

About Vision Express Vision Express is one of the Philippines’ leading optical chains bringing the latest eyecare technology and over 60+ designer eyewear brands. Vision Express is owned by House of Branded Lifestyle Inc.

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