New Clarity: Shamir Glacier Expression is Now Available at Vision Express

New Clarity: Shamir Glacier Expression is Now Available at Vision Express

New Clarity: Shamir Glacier Expression is Now Available at Vision Express

A new anti-reflective coating, Shamir Glacier Expression allows you to perceive the world better through reducing unnecessary glare and visual background noise. It is also important for your eyewear to not just provide better vision, but give holistic comfort to the eyes. With Shamir Glacier Expression, you can look, see, and feel better.

Shamir Glacier Expression lessens reflections that the eyes are sensitive to by 70%. Also, through accurately calculated layers, it retains standard thickness and durability. By having greatly minimized reflections as well as uncompromised thickness and durability, it allows for a truly aesthetic look with added benefit.  

The human reaction time is only as good as people’s ability to perceive the environment around them. Shamir Glacier Expression enhances visual clarity and detail by improving contrast sensitivity by 25%. This makes it perfect for daily activities, and improves vision while driving in both day and night. 

You may have experienced coming home from an activity outside or staying in all day in front of a screen; all of the sudden you feel your eyes strain and fatigue. This is due excessive visual background noise. With Shamir Glacier Expression, visual background noise is minimized to give a more comfortable visual experience to its user. 

As Shamir Glacier Expression is now available at Vision Express, you can experience for yourself the depth of this new anti-reflective coating’s benefit. Book an eye exam now at the nearest Vision Express branch and start seeing the world in better clarity. 


About Vision Express 

Vision Express is one of the Philippines’ leading optical chains bringing the latest eyecare technology and over 60+ designer eyewear brands. Vision Express is owned by House of Branded Lifestyle Inc.  

About Shamir 

Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. is a world-leading producer of high-performance lenses. Our R&D Department, based in Israel, the start-up nation, consistently develops the latest technologies. 


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