Fashion meets function with Ray-Ban’s

Fashion meets function with Ray-Ban’s

Fashion meets function with Ray-Ban’s #BlocktheBlues eyewear collection
Ray-Ban’s iconic pieces reinvented with anti-blue light protection.

In the digital age where every facet of life is easily accessible online, there’s no doubt that one’s exposure to digital screens exceeds more than 12 hours a day. Prolonged exposure to screen devices such as smartphones, computers, and television will not only cause damage to our vision but our overall health as well.

With every aspect of our everyday lives involving looking at a screen, it’s important to take precautionary measures to prevent life-long damage to our vision. Wearing anti-blue light glasses is one of them. But finding the right pair can be tricky, good thing the ever-iconic Ray-Ban has the perfect collection for everyone.


 Patricia wears Ray-Ban State Street RB21861292BL49, now at Php 10,990

Ray-Ban’s Block the Blues collection features blue-light filtering technology which reduces the risk of vision-related problems from screen time. Some pieces from the line are also designed with Evolve photochromic lenses which transition from clear to grey when worn outside.

The collection comes with Ray-Ban’s most iconic pairs; the Aviator, Club Master, New Wayfarer, Daddy O, Balorama, Jackie Ohh, Ericka, State Street, Round, Hexagon, I-Shape, and Frank. So whatever style you sport, there’s surely a perfect pair for you.

Club Master 

Inspired by the 50’s, the Club Master has always been worn by cultural intellectuals. So, if you’re going for that retro, intellectual look for your everyday vision protection, the Club Master is the right pair for you.

 Jaime wears Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016901BF51, now at 10,990

New Wayfarer 

Ray-Ban's most wanted acetate frame comes with anti-glare and 100% UVA protection. Aside from that, it also comes with blue-light filter protection to eliminate eye strain from digital devices.

 Izumi wears Ray-Ban Wayferer RB2132F901BF55 now at Php 10,990

State Street 

With clear, definitive features, State Street is for those looking to sport the edgy, urban street style. The lenses also transition from clear to gray when worn outdoors to protect your eyes from the UVA/UVB rays.


 Lauren wears Ray-Ban State Street RB21861292BL49, now at Php 10,990

With Ray-Ban’s Block the Blues collection, your vision is protected in style and timeless pieces. Check out these and more at select Vision Express stores near you. Limited quantities are available.



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