Eye Check: Vision Express with Jackie Go and Gabbi Go - Vision Express Philippines

Eye Check: Vision Express with Jackie Go and Gabbi Go

Eye Check: Vision Express

Three years ago, we learned that Gabbie needed to wear glasses. It was her eye incident that had us going back to her ophthalmologist for a routine follow up check up. Three years ago, she started wearing glasses. This was to correct her farsightedness and astigmatism which I assume she got from my side of the family. So yearly we have her eyes check just to make sure she gets to use the right lens.

This year we went to Vision Express in Megamall.

Almost 30 years of passion for optical profession, Vision Express currently has 27 stores nationwide and is planning to have 100 stores in the next 5 years. They’re UK’s largest optical chain and is one of the most trusted eye-care shops here in the Philippines.

Super high tech! Vision Express uses Huvitz Digital Refractor. So cool how Dra. Josephine Faustino carefully examined my daughter’s eyes with a push of a few buttons and through that touchscreen device.

We were done in under 20 minutes. I remember during my time (OMG I sound so old LOL) I’d have to sit still for more than a few minutes because the optometrist had to switch lenses manually and ever so often I end up asking to switch and re-switch lenses just to ensure I get the right one. Heehee.

So my lil’ Ms. JG still needs to wear glasses. Dra. Josephine picked a handful of frames for her to choose from. Shempre me naman I was very excited to let her try them all. Heehee.

I think she got her being indecisive from me! Aminin, it’s really hard to choose a frame especially if there’s more than one that suits you!

My lil’ cutie was reluctant to have her photo taken while trying different frames but this momma just snapped away! Can you guess what she picked?

Vision Express prides itself in using Lutina lenses. These not only filter UVA and UVB light but also absorb +94% of High Energy Visible (HEV) light. Perfect for those who uses gadgets often such as me and my daughter.

If you plan to visit Vision Express Megamall, look for Dra. Josephine. She’s super good with kids and in explaining things when it comes to vision and grades!

Yeeeep there’s a foosball you can use while waiting for your glasses. We got Gabbie’s pair in an hour!

I don’t know if it was her eye incident that caused her to wear eye glasses at an early age or her screen time or if it’s really hereditary. Nonetheless, I’m sharing a few tips on how you can help your child from small screen damage.

How to Help Our Kids from Small Screen Damage

  • Limit age-appropriate screen time. Children under 18 months should avoid screen time (vide chatting not included). From 18 months to 2 years, childrencan watch or use high quality programs if adults watch or play with them. Aged 2-5 not more than 1 hour per day and kids aged 6 and older need to have consistent limits on how long they spend on the small screen.
  •  Avoid allowing screen time in the bedroom. If possible, limit Wi-Fi to the family room and do not allow your child to have a computer or TV in their bedroom. This will also allow you to monitor what they watch and who they interact with.
  • If possible, as a parent, limit your own screen time as well. Let your child know that they are your priority when you come home from work. Try to avoid texting / checking social media at the dinner table too. Children learn from your example.
  •  For school-age children, invest in a pair of computer glasses meant to protect their peepers from the harmful blue light that these screens emit.

Know more about Vision Express Smart Options HERE.

This little girl loves her new Rayban specs! Thank you again Dra. Josephine Faustino and the staff of Vision Express Megamall for letting us invade your store! It was such a fun and fast visit. 

Don’t know if your child needs to wear glasses or not? Visit any Vision Express stores and go in for a free eye check up. Aside from free eye checkup they also offer free lens on select frames! You can also order online through their website.




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