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Best Glasses: 11 Go-To Eyewear Stores in Manila

Best Glasses: 11 Go-To Eyewear Stores in Manila

Here's where to buy the coolest frames in town.
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Back in the day, shopping for eyeglasses and sunglasses meant settling for what was available. Luckily, several retailers, both new and old, have stepped up to offer the best brands and styles out there today. In fact, many have even elevated the experience to make it more enjoyable with creative spaces and curated shops. From no-fuss eyewear to hard-to-find styles, here are the best glasses stores in Manila.

1| Eye Society


Eye Society is one of the biggest eyewear boutiques in the Philippines. If designer frames are what you're after, then it should be one of your go-tos. Unlike other retailers, Eye Society's stores are usually spacious enough to allow you to roam and try anything to your liking. Though its main draw are more upscale brands, it also offers mid-priced brands that are practically a steal.

2| Nackymade


For something more bespoke, Nackymade shouldn't be missed. It's made specifically to frame your face perfectly through precise measurements. What it's known for are playful colors and, not to mention, details that come in the form of dinosaur-shaped arms. Unfortunately, Nackymade's local pop-ups rarely happen but it's something you should do, if you get the chance.

3| Ronnie & Joe


Ronnie & Joe is one of those few places where you know everything's been curated to perfection. And in this case, it's actually a good thing. It offers a cool mix of artisanal top-quality pairs, hyper-trendy frames that'll make you stand out, and even brands you've probably never heard of, most of which are probably exclusive to the shop. All in all, it's a must-visit even just for its cool interiors.

4| Executive Optical


Looking for no-fuss eyewear? As one of the largest optical shop chains in the Philippines, Executive Optical is also one of the most trusted when it comes to all things eyewear. The chain's well-lit, all-blue stores are unmissable, but you probably know EO for its viral billboards. Along with its many brands, EO offers eyeglass packages that come complete with multicoated lenses with the lowest priced at just P900.

5| LS Pascual Optical


With locations at Power Plant Mall and Shangri-La Plaza Mall, LS Pascual is for those who want the best frames—at any cost. It's best for those cult brands that you won't find at your corner optical store and hard-to-get pairs that cost upward of P50,000. Not all is lost for those with budgets, however, since LS Pascual has a concept called Vision'ary at Glorietta which offers low- to mid-priced offerings for a younger clientele.

6| Magno Optical


Magno Optical's founding can be traced back to 1965 when Dr. Mauro H. Magno Jr. opened his first stop in Avenida, Manila. It has since expanded to seven branches around Manila. Don't let its long history deter you, however, since Magno Optical has kept up with the times, including the biggest international eyewear brands in its lineup. This, combined with traditional service, makes for an excellent shopping experience.

7| Owndays


The Japanese have always been known for their technology, punctuality, and style. And with Owndays, there's plenty of these to go around: It promises simple prices, fast service, and an after-service that doesn't disappoint. From grandad-style aviators to barely-there aluminum frames, Owndays has just about every pair no matter your face shape. What's more, you'll likely find it in any major mall near you as it has more than 40 stores all over the country.

8| Sarabia Optical



Don't fear Sarabia's more than 100-year-old history; it's still one of the best optical shops to get the best glasses in Manila. That's especially true if you're looking for tried-and-tested brands, sensible starter frames, and sunglasses that cost a pretty penny. Not to mention, the guy who founded it was one of, if not the first optometrist in the country. That's gotta mean something, right?

9| Sunglass Hut


Sunglass Hut is easily the biggest eyewear retailer in the world. It has just about every brand you can think of, owing to the fact that Luxottica owns this mega-chain. Since opening locally in 2009, only a few flagship-style huts have opened across the country, but its smaller stores called havens are found in several locations.

10| Sunnies Studios


What's not to love about Sunnies Studios and Specs? It offers trendy frames that any among the cool-kid set would love to have, and well, the shop's whole vibe is just infectious. Right now, you'll find an eclectic selection of '90s-style thin frames, clear rectangular sunglasses, and vintage shapes, which are always in style.

11| Vision Express


Vision Express is a U.K.-based brand that's great for the most current of styles, and some simple options that just do the job perfectly. Really, it's just a store you can trust for the best sunglasses in Manila. Look out for the retailer's flash sales which occur sporadically throughout the year.

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