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Why Date a Man with Glasses


You’re probably having a debate with yourself whether to give that guy with spectacles a shot or just stay single and independent this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a fact: according to a 2014 survey,

80% of women find men who wear glasses attractive.

He might appear too serious, nerdy or geeky, but there are more to men who wear glasses! Below are some reasons why ladies like you should not hesitate to date a man who has more eyes to adore you.

(He will take care of your heart like he takes care of his glasses. Trust us.)


1. He looks like your celebrity crush.
Did someone mention Clark Kent? How about Harry Potter? These fictional characters have definitely influenced women’s fantasies about the man of their dreams. It is not Hollywood’s fault to pair really hot actors to portray characters who wear glasses.

According to a survey,

30% of the women dream that men who wear glasses are just superheroes in their human alter ego.


2. He’s a bibliophile.
There may or may not be a direct correlation with reading and glasses, but simply imagining your man with a book in his hand during his pastime is a sight that’ll make you giddy. Who knows? Your favorite author might also be his. That’s a great conversation starter.


3. He’s confident.
He’s very comfortable with his skin, and wearing glasses has surely toughened him up. It taught him not to care about how other people see him because not wearing one would make him not see anybody else clearly, literally.

Furthermore, you can vibe off his confidence, and you’ll not care about your looks, too. Walk down the mall, hold hands, and be the hottest couple in the entire world.


4. He’s not a face in the crowd.
Rather, he’s the only face you’ll notice. He simply just stands out because you can describe him as the one who wears “a black pair of glasses with square frames.” As you date him and eventually fall in love (hopefully), you’ll appreciate his whole being including those specs.


5. He’s a little more stylish than anyone.
Of course, he has to fix his wardrobe with his glasses. Men with glasses tend to be really laid back with a t-shirt and a good pair of jeans (36% women like it this way) or be a step ahead with shirts and suits (35% prefer it this way). There’s no in between. We’re not in disagreement here. It makes them sexy and hip.


6. He’s charming.
Men with glasses seem to be more attentive and have a certain level of interesting personality. You just know that there’s more than what you see on the surface.

A man who wears glasses looks you in the eye, responses positively in conversations, and makes you laugh with his undeniable humor and wit.


7. He’s smart.
Not to contribute to the stereotype or anything, but glasses naturally make anyone look that they’re fresh out of a library or someone who fell asleep while reading a book. Whatever smart that is, book smart or street smart, you know that your man can carry a conversation with substance.


8. He’s opinionated.
He speaks his mind with proper reasoning and argumentation. When there’s an issue at hand, he looks at it in different angles. He considers all possibilities and prepares solutions for each problem that may arise.


9. He’s sensitive and understanding.
Behind those specs is a man who can understand you and your feelings. Just like having an extra pair of consciousness about how you feel and how he feels. He’ll make sure that you understand each other end-to-end.

There’s a variety of eyeglasses for men out there, and it’s up to them which one they want to don on their next date. Although its original purpose is to be a corrective eyewear, it has become a factor for some people’s dating preference. Are there any other reasons you could think of?

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