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Transitions Gen 8: The Best Photochromic Lenses

When photochromic-lensed glasses became widely publicized by the mid-2000s, there was suddenly an immediate demand. The sales for the innovative eyewear only skyrocketed since its mass production, especially when the product became more widely known as “light-adaptive lenses.” Market research yields positive forecasts and shows that sales have no sign of slowing down for the next few years.


Photochromic Prescription Glasses

With all that marketing pizzazz, who can’t blame its buyers? Photochromic lenses do, for the most part, offer the best of both worlds. Imagine having your shades and prescription glasses in one case, having both at the price of one. Convenience and efficiency are the names of the game here.

As good as it may sound, though, the light-adaptive lenses do come with their own flaws. Users of this innovative eyewear eventually realized that its photochromic features counter lense polarization. This gives the effect of an intolerable glare. Daily use also tends to downgrade its shade facets as tints fade over time.

Most wearers also found out that shade adjustment is slightly slow to transition, especially after some shift in the room temperature. This is terrible news for someone who's always on the go. The glasses do not go into their shade mode in a snap of a finger, making its wearer a bit more susceptible to UV rays.


Wide UV Coverage

Some good news is in order, though, as most manufacturers address these concerns. Recent technology made way for photochromic lenses with faster adaptability - think TikTok transitions in social media and eyeglasses.

Even better, innovators like Transitions successfully developed new eyewear units with enhanced UV coverage, reduced glare, and better blue light filters—all that jazz without the need for heavy tints. Oh, and they come with fancy designs too! The Transitions 8 catalog wants people of different face shapes to benefit aesthetically. Who says efficiency can’t look fun?


Shop Transitions Glasses at Vision Express

The Philippine market also need not worry. Transitions partnered with Vision Express to bring Transitions closer to home, so people with penchants for fashionable eyewear no longer need to search far and wide for the new collection. Vision Express has got you covered. 

Shop for eyeglasses online and upgrade your lenses to Transitions Gen 8, or visit the nearest branch for more information.

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