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The Best Sunglasses to Match Your Travel and Outdoor Activities


Fashion extends its versatility to eyewear. With the variety of eyewear in the Philippines available today, you can effortlessly don a pair of cool shades regardless of your agenda for the day.

Don’t limit yourself to your go-to piece and focus on maximizing the comfort and protection a pair of specialized sunglasses can offer whether you’re dedicating a whole day to rough sports, leisure travel, sight-seeing, or just getting a nice tan on the beach.

It’s never too late to purchase a pair of protective eyewear for your next adventure! Keep in mind that it’s important to invest in high-quality and activity-appropriate sunnies.

Here are some of the best pairs for one with an active lifestyle.


Evoke drama and nostalgia with a classic pair of retro sunglasses when heading to an endless highway. Look hip and carefree during your road trip with these round and cool Ray-Ban frames.



About to explore the world’s best-dressed capitals? Reach for scene-stealing eye-cat shades! Stunning and striking, these designs will allow you to blend in the urban jungle as you wander the metropolis without the “tourist” label.


Going for a deep tan at the beach doesn’t mean neglecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Match your colorful swimwear with these over-sized frames by Vogue! There’s an assortment of low-key and glam options to choose from while you kick back in the salt and sand.



Hiking and Walking

When consumed by wanderlust, there’s no stopping a true wanderer who needs a good pair of protective sunnies.

Walking up crazy trails? Camping out in the wild? Make sure the harsh rays of the sun don’t interrupt your fun. Enjoy nature’s beauty with mirrored lenses that do not only provide a slick and sporty look, but also UV ray protection via glossy color tint for heightened visibility.




A good pair of sunglasses for the adventurous hiker is a secure, lightweight pair. Plus points for lens curves that maximize peripheral protection against the sun, wind, and debris.

Amber and bronze tints boost the color contrast of the scenic greenery for you to better see the trail.



Win those ball games with a pair of RayBan Clubmasters which sharpen contrast even on cloudy days and early morning rounds. Its lightweight, plastic frames are durable enough that you’ll probably forget you’re wearing them. Great for focus and improving your game!


Water Sports

Whether for surfing or wakeboarding, this pair of cool Ray-Ban Icons is our top pick. Its lenses are polarized to cut glare on the waves. Its nose piece is made of grippy plastic that keeps the shades in place when the going gets rough. Bonus points for looking great with street wear!



Go sporty chic if you plan to run around all day. Be sure to put on curvy frames designed to fit the lines of your face and manage to stay put.



This Ray-Ban Aviator Classic was crafted for an activity like tennis. Its polarized amber lens allows you to see colors more vibrantly and clearly, which make these iconic aviators ideal for playing sports. The temples and nose piece have a tight grip which won’t fall off in case of high winds.



Inspired by the visual and tactile qualities of rubber, this style combines cutting-edge materials and construction techniques so light you’ll barely feel it.

This Emporio Armani pair of shades has a titanium-framed polarized lens that amps clarity and color perfect for driving. Don’t worry about the sun peeking around the corner. Its anti-reflective mirror coating will distract the rays of light from your eyes.


Another option that’s perfect for driving is this classy pair of Polo shades for a smart casual twist.


Music Festival and Arts Events

Outdoor festivities like music festivals deserve only the hippest outfits. Complete your bohemian-cool look with sunglasses—a must on a sunny day! Vintage-style sunnies win in these type of scenes.



The art event crowd is the only one to appreciate boldly embellished shades. Be it indie artists or underground musicians, these wearable sunnies will work and certainly turn heads!



Have fun outdoors with great style!

Having a great pair of shades whatever your activities are helps you experience your trip to the fullest.

A good pair of protective sunnies should enhance your vision and provide protection from the harmful rays of UV radiation and other outdoor stimuli. Make sure to clean them regularly and put them in a safe place when not in use. The right pair of sunglasses gets your game on so you’ll look and feel your best.

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