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The Best Eyewear Selection for Your Complexion

Skin tone plays a significant role in most of our fashion choices. From picking the right summer outfit to choosing the best foundation for coverage, it’s hard to deny that we circle back to complexions for the correct color choice.

The same rules apply when shopping for eyewear. To choose an ideal tint or frame color, the first thing you’d want to check is your undertone. Contrary to popular belief, though, undertones are not your actual skin complexion. Some people with naturally tan skin can have cool or pinkish undertones. Undertones appear as the cast beneath your actual complexion, reflecting best when under natural lighting.  Your undertones are more highlighted once colors are worn in contrast.


Cool or warm tone

To check whether your undertone is cool or warm, look at the jewelry you’re using. If silver looks better on you than gold, then your undertone is most likely cool. Otherwise, the odds of you belonging to the golden-undertone skin range are higher.

Now that we have the rulebook laid out, it’s time to revisit the fool-proof tips for choosing the best eyewear depending on your skin type. Here’s how: