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Summer Travel Must-Haves From Popular Filipino Travel Bloggers


Since summer is here, it’s time to bring out that high energy and sunny attitude, and rush to the nearest beach or pool! But with every exciting trip comes the responsibility of packing your bag and making sure you have all the travel essentials. Surely, you don’t want to go on a trip while missing some stuff you might need, do you?

Just breathe and relax, as this article will cover your travel woes and make you stop overthinking on what to bring on your next vacation. Top Filipino travelers shared their travel must-haves, so read on to know the items you should bring with you to have the best summer getaway!


1. Lilliane of Wanderlass


GoPro – “Because I like documenting my trips, GoPro is the most versatile camera because it is shockproof and waterproof. It is also very lightweight and takes good quality images and videos.”

Sunscreen – “So you don’t have to worry that you’re out in the sun too long. It protects your skin from sunburn and wrinkles.”

Dry bag – “This is good to carry around your cell phone, money, sunscreen and anything. You won’t get your important stuff wet in the beach or when it rains.”

Sunglasses – “This protects your eyes from UV.”

Water bottle – “Always keeping hydrated.”


2. Aileen Adalid of


Travel insurance – “It’s very important to have insurance during all of your trips; after all, a budget trip won’t be as such anymore when you are faced with unexpected expenses as you get sick, end up in an accident, have your stuff stolen, or more.”

Sunblock – “A lot of people tend to forget this item, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to pack and use this especially when the sun is in its prime.”

Camera gear – “My camera gear so that, of course, I can document and keep all the amazing memories that I will be making! “


3. Ferdz Decena of Ironwulf En Route


Cameras – “I love to take photos not just for documentation but also to capture memorable moments that would take me back to the place when I look at them.”

Smartphones – “To stay connected and also for the Maps. I’m not afraid to get lost as long as I have my maps to navigate. Adds fun to discover places when I travel.”

Personal Water Bottle – “I make sure I always have my water container. Keeps me hydrated, lessens the use of buying water bottles with plastic container.”

A good book – “Or any other reading material. Aside from reading from chill time, it’s a good way to pass the time for unexpected delays during travel, whether from flight delays or bus rides.”

Eyeglasses – “I wear contact lenses and make sure I have my eye glasses with me if I need to rest my eyes or for those long red-eye flights or overnight bus rides.”


4. Gem Muzones of Travels with a Hobo


Hiking sandals – “We like extreme activities so a sturdy pair of hiking sandals is a must – they’re perfect for ANY wet or dry adventure. These durable sandals can survive the roughest activities for YEARS of traveling!”

Insect repellant – “Since we’re budget travelers, we opt to go for cheaper accommodations like our own tent or fan hostel rooms. We save a lot, but we get exposed to mosquitos, so we always have with us a bottle of insect repellant.”

Microfiber towel – “Unlike your ordinary bath towels that eat up so much space in your backpacks, microfiber towels are lightweight, super absorbent, and quick-drying. We can fold this up to the size of a thin notebook.”


5. Kimi Juan of ESCAPE JOURNAL


Cult Gaia Ark Bag – “This bag fits all my summer needs!”

Sony Camera (Sony a7rii) – “I never leave home without my camera! I take it everywhere with me to make memories.”

Sunscreen – “I always need to protect my skin from the sun, especially at the beach!”

Beach Hat – “I never leave home without a hat in the summer! It’s the perfect accessory, and it makes all my outfits look a little extra!”


6. Marvin Geronimo of No Barriers Just Horizons


Leatherman Multitool – “I ride motorcycles when I travel. Almost always something needs to be adjusted, so having one handy can be both time and a life saver.”

A sturdy folding knife Although a multitool has a knife, having a folder in your pocket at all times is better. It can serve as a quick tool for preparing food while camping, can cut cordage and various other uses.”

Water Bladder or bottle – “A lot of people ignore the possibility of dehydration, having easy access to drinking water should be a no-brainer.”

First Aid Kit – “Fun times are often halted by small injuries, If you have this on hand, then you can easily go back into action.”

Action cam or any camera to document your travels – “Even a very basic camera can serve as documentation device, bring home your memories through photos and videos. Although know when to put it down, often it’s better to be at the moment than always trying to capture it.”


7. DJ Yabis of Dream Euro Trip


Sunscreen – “Don’t ruin your summer vacation with a bad sunburn. I believe one should take care of their skin and apply sunscreen liberally. I don’t travel without one!”

Swimsuit or swim shorts/trunks – “Dress the part by wearing your favorite pair of swimming or beach clothes. You don’t want to be caught dead wearing pants and long sleeves by the beach. One should always be beach-ready when traveling in the summer.”

Sandals – “A good pair of sandals is everything. I love leather sandals in the summer as it fits with most clothes and makes you look stylish and effortless instantly.”


8. Kara Santos of Travel Up


Buff / Headwear – “One thing I always bring during any trip is a buff or multipurpose headwear. This nifty piece of cloth can be used in many ways. I use it as a bandana, motorcycle dust mask, blindfold for sleeping on buses and planes, wristband for trekking (and wiping off sweat), headband & tube top for swimming.”

Adventure Dry Bag – “I usually bring a dry bag for summer activities to keep all my gadgets secure. Having a dry bag is very useful for beach trips, island-hopping, chasing waterfalls, canyoneering, and other water-based activities.”

2-in-1 Travel Pillow + Hammock – “For summer road trips, I bring my handy Duo-yan by the Hammock Republic. This 2-in-1 product is a travel pillow and hammock in one. I use the travel pillow to sleep comfortably during long bus or car rides. Once you take it out of its case, you have a comfy hammock for siestas on the beach!”

Smartphone / Waterproof Action Camera “I usually bring an SLR when I travel, but for some activities, I prefer just to use my Smartphone or waterproof action camera especially when I don’t want to risk getting my bigger camera wet.”

Proper eyewear – “It can get really hot during summer, so I make sure to bring shades. Eyewear with polarized lenses can cut off reflected glare from bodies of water and rain on roads and highways, making this travel essential for motorcycling, biking, and other outdoor activities.”


9. Christine Fernandez of Jovial Wanderer


Reef-friendly Sunscreen – “We can all be ambassadors of nature preservation by being mindful of the products we use.  Sunscreens that contain ingredients such as paraben, cinnamate, benzophenone can contribute to coral bleaching when it washes off.

Tip: Choose products that offers protection from both UVA & UVB radiation. UVA rays causes premature aging while UVB protection causes sunburn and can potentially damage the deeper layer of the skin which can cause cancer.”

Dry Bag or a Waterproof Pouch – “Keep your stuff dry when you go island hopping or engage in water sports like kayaking by putting them inside dry bags or waterproof pouches. These are reusable and if you’re using a reliable brand, it lasts for years!”  

Natural Clarifying Shampoo – “It helps remove impurities in the hair brought by using chemicals in other hair products or treatments and exposure to heat. My hair also feels lighter and cleaner after every use, especially after hours in the water.”

Garbage Bag – “A “habit” acquired from hiking mountains, I can’t seem to pack my bag without bringing my own trash bag so I can dispose of waste properly.  Being an outdoor lover means doing your share in preserving the beauty of nature.”

Sunglasses – “More than just an accessory, it serves as protection for your eyes against the sun’s UV rays – too much exposure to which can damage your eyes and cause cataract, so make sure you choose a pair that offers UV protection.”


10. Jona Branzuela Bering of Backpacking with a Book


Mandala Roundies – “I’m currently pursuing a year-long trip abroad, and I appreciate the flexibility of my mandala roundie. I used it as a towel, blanket, table cover, and beach mat. It is worth noting too that its look is very Instagram-worthy.”

Water – “The soaring summer heat should be warning enough for possible dehydration. Always travel with a bottle of water. Drink at least 1 liter of water a day. It moisturizes your skin, rehydrates your body, and revitalizes you.”

Eco-friendly sunscreen or moisturizer – “Most sunscreen products harm our marine life. So choose a reef-friendly one, like Human Nature’s. For those who don’t bother with sunscreen, always moisturize your skin before going to bed.”

Book – “Face a book. Don’t Facebook too much. An advocate of reading, I highly recommend reading as a summer essential. Wherever you go, always have a book with you. Reading is hot and sexy.”

Be Your Own Sunshine – “Don’t preoccupy yourself with thoughts about getting sunburned or getting dark. Enjoy the moment. Laugh. Have fun with your friends or with strangers. Eat what you want. Be your own sunshine. That’s the essence of summer.”


Based on these travel inspirations, here are the 5 key summer items you should pack with you:

5 Summer Travel Essentials to Bring With You

Everybody is in the middle of the summer heat, and you should be rocking a pair cool sunglasses in the Philippines! So, what are you waiting for? Make this summer season one for the books!

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