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Shamir’s Autograph Intelligence is the Progressive Lens for Easy Adaptability

Vision Express now carries the world’s most advanced progressive lenses.

For all the spectacle-wearers that are familiar with them, getting used to progressive lenses can be challenging. Most progressive lens users take a week or two to adjust to their new lenses, but before they finally do, they have to contend with distortion in their peripheral vision (known as the “swim effect”) and the constant nausea and dizziness experienced when their eyes switch lens power. This usually happens because most progressive lenses follow one standard design for different types of eyes, neglecting the individual nuances a patient might possess.

Enter: The Shamir Autograph Intelligence, the most advanced progressive lens made to adapt to each person’s needs. The technology relies on the correlation between the patients’ visual needs and their Visual Age, which Shamir refers to as the age of the eye and is correlated with the patient’s actual age. Shamir also evaluated vision heavy activities such as driving, computer and smartphone use, and reading books or the newspaper to help gauge how the lens could fit into the user’s daily life.

The Shamir Autograph Intelligence makes use of three technologies: Eye-Point Technology (which utilizes Head Eye Integrative Movement software to find out where patients look when they perform tasks), Continuous Design Technology (which helped develop a seamless lens design), and Visual AI Engine (which optimizes the lens) to create a lens that allows the eyes to easily shift between near and far vision without the added headache. The technology was even awarded the Best Lens Product of the Year during the 2019 Optician Awards. 

Shamir Autograph Intelligence lenses are available at Vision Express and will be available in variable and fixed designs, including 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 18mm fitting heights. For more details on the lenses, you can visit or follow Vision Express on their Instagram and Facebook page.

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