Shade Up the Gucci Way with Vision Express

Shade Up the Gucci Way with Vision Express

We all know what Gucci is. From runways to red carpets to rap songs, the label had always been synonymous with Italian luxury. Its distinctive “Double G” monogram is guaranteed to amplify an outfit, making its wearer immediately stand out. But despite being a time-tested brand, Gucci is notorious for being the label that appeals the most to the younger Millennial and Gen Z market.

The Gucci Effect 

Brands know all too well that, to open the market to a younger audience, they must invest in their accessible, entry-level products. With the 2018 #GucciHallucinations collection in full swing, it looks like Gucci maximized the classic formula through influencer marketing. Instagram celebrities here and there hyped the accessories the most -- having the excuse to put the Double G logo front and center through their belts and eyewear.

Especially the eyewear! In fact, Gucci launched a campaign specifically dedicated to their line of  acetate-framed specs that year.

Years followed suit and the fashion label showed no signs of slowing down. Its eyewear collections continue to woo the younger market. This became all the more evident when they launched the Dangling Charms Collection. The dangling appliques appealed to the unique and quirky taste of today’s audience. Its charms’ detachability also favored those who wish to get two looks in one purchase, allowing its wearer to make a statement that summer. Again, with Gucci’s success on social media marketing, influencers paraded the freshest eyewear innovation in your fashion feeds for years in a row.


Shop Gucci at Vision Express

The Philippines is renowned for being sunny, and eye protection should be the topmost concern. So being in the perfect location, why not sport something like the Gucci Dangling Charms and breeze through the sunny season in style? Not only will your luxury eyewear be an investment, but it will also be a fantastic conversation piece once you have your summer outfit together.

Luckily, here at Vision Express, we can help you with your fashionista needs. By collaborating with Gucci, gone are the days when you have to travel to Greenbelt and see the latest collections firsthand. The new Gucci eyewear collection is already up for grabs for your next shopping haul.

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