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Say Yes to Fog-Free Lenses

You step out of your car and are instantly blinded by foggy lenses. You step out from somewhere cold into somewhere warm, and you basically see nothing other than fog, fog, and fog. Foggy lenses have been a problem for those who wear eyeglasses for decades, and it has become more challenging now that wearing face masks is always required during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Why Do Glasses Fog

Condensation. When the air from your sweat, breath, and ambient humidity hits your glasses, the lower temperature causes the air to condensate. In other words, the moisture in the air turns into a liquid on your glasses. So when it’s cold outside, humid, or raining, it’s easier for your glasses to fog up.


Shamir’s Glacier ™ Anti-Fog

Anti-fog wipes can help. Trouble is, they can be inconvenient as you need to reapply it frequently because, let’s face it, they don’t last very long. Another solution is taping the top of your mask to your face. While these do get the job done, they’re not precisely the most effective.

The best solution to this challenge is Shamir’s Glacier ™ Anti-Fog technology. What makes it different? It’s a revolutionary lens coating that prevents the water droplets produced by trapped humidity from forming fog on the rear lens surface, giving you performance-critical clear vision. During this pandemic, Shamir’s Glacier ™ Anti-Fog is perfect for athletes an, medicalfessionals, and other essential workers.

Shamir’s Glacier ™ Anti-Fog has Duplex Technology, making it the only lens with an anti-reflective coating on the front side of the lens to reduce, resist, and repel various elements. No reactivation or reapplication is needed! Your glasses will be fog-free permanently! It works by collecting and spreading water vapor on the lens in a pattern that preserves vision clarity.

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