Rudy Project Now Available In Vision Express

Rudy Project Now Available In Vision Express

Qualifying athletic gear is of top quality is just as hard as entering the Olympics. Apart from the engineering that goes behind the process, multiple tests are needed to deem the material usable. Important factors like the weather, the activity, the movements, and the wearer’s height and weight - to name a few - have to be considered. So by multiple, we mean a lot.


Substance Over Style 

Quality indeed assumes precedence above all that often, and fashion takes a back seat. With all the technologies applied, color blocking is often overlooked, patterns tend to be mismatched, and the fit goes out of hand. While heavily specializing in sports technology, there’s only a handful of manufacturers that are also mindful of the sportswears’ look and feel.

So how are athletes left to deal with this? With heavily engineered manufacturing techniques, how do athletes feel their best? Knowing that sometimes presentation matters, how does a player transcend to a champion worth rooting for?


Elevating Athletic Performance

Luckily, brands like Rudy Project exist. From its conception, Rudy Project aims to elevate the performance of athletes at every level - including aesthetics. The Italian brand is always known to manufacture top-quality eye gears for any sport while also making its wearer photo-ready at every angle.  

Don’t underestimate Rudy Project’s commitment, though. Its process puts research and development at a pedestal. The team behind the high-quality eyewear makes sure they only roll out scientifically-tested gears for production. Indeed, Rudy Project is the right choice of champions.

 And that includes the champions outside the rings, the courts, and the tracks.


Explore The Rudy Project Eyewear Collection

For a limited time, sports and eyewear enthusiasts can now get a hold of the topnotch Rudy Projects and - on top of that - wear it daily.

The Vision Express teamed up with Rudy Project for its new eyeglass collection that guarantees its wearer maximum performance in sports and everyday life.

The collection brags three design options - Step 01, Step 02, and Inkas. Designed with the everyday Filipino in mind, the materials used are highly adjustable for the utmost comfort and durability.

Visit the following branches and take a look at its award-winning craftsmanship:
Vision Express Alabang Town Center, Vision Express Mall of Asia, and Vision Express Trinoma, or shop Rudy Project ONLINE at

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