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Rock Your Eyewear In Every Way

There are days when our hand-picked ensembles just don’t feel enough, as if they’re missing that sweet cherry on top. That's where eyewear comes in. 

Eyewear that’s here to stay

2019 experienced a roller coaster of variation when it came to eyewear, and that same roller coaster won’t be stopping any time soon in 2020. Below are the styles that were passed on from the previous year and might reign over us still because they’re that good:

Clear frames 

The first of many, this came on the market with its head held high, knowing it would catch everyone’s attention the minute it came out. Fashion designers all over the world use and abuse this specific style of glasses because it’s faint yet elegant. Light and pale skin tones will enjoy this design if they want to achieve a subtle look and darker skin tones will want this if they want their specs to stand out. 

Millennial pink frames 

As the identifier suggests, this took the millennial generation by storm. This color compliments all skin tones by giving those who wear it a rosy and youthful look. It’s not too hard to pair with in terms of clothing because of its understated shade. If you want a fresh new color to your realm of neutrals, this would be it. 

Tortoiseshell glasses 

If you’re a minimalist but still want to be trendy, this is your pick. Get to experiment with different color palettes because this frame doesn’t limit you to just one solid color. Pick a tortoiseshell color combination that will compliment the color of your eyes. Teal is particularly attractive on brown eye colors. 

Leopard patterned frames 

If you’re already a showstopper but want to take it up a notch, then leopard glasses are for you. This type of frame is perfect if you’re one to go for function and style. Contrary to popular belief, leopard glasses aren’t just for women; men can wear them, too, maybe even better than most girls. 

Wire-framed glasses

From the time of John Lennon, minimal and smart is back. Metal wired frames are a coveted pair of glasses in all generations. It’s sophisticated and delicate, perfect for a wide repertoire of looks. Whether it be bold or utilitarian, it can definitely work. They’ve even started to dive into aviator-inspired silhouettes to keep up with the times. 

Nude frames

Vintage neutral frames are particularly new to the bespectacled community. It’s a whole new type of style we haven’t explored yet, but are currently loving. It’s a nude, need we say more? It can be paired with any type of outfit, skin tone, and eye color. Despite it being a toned down color, nude glasses can express its individuality through unique frame shapes.

Eyewear tips for your face shape 

Now that you’re brought up to speed with the types of frames that are totally in fashion, it’s time for you to identify what type of frame best suits your face shape. 

Find the right frame for you:

Oval shaped 

Oval shaped faces have their forehead, cheekbones, and chin evenly proportioned, with soft edges all around. You won’t need to look high and low for the right pair of glasses because almost all frames will suit you. However, the best frames for you are rectangular frames. These will help balance the softness with angular edges. 

Heart shaped

Heart shaped faces are widest at the forehead, then gently narrow down through the cheekbones and down to their chin. To counter the natural wideness of your top half, go for frames that are a bit oversized, like a cat-eye or half-rimmed glasses that have a bold browline frame. 

Round shaped

Glasses that have strong angles and lines will compliment round shaped faces because they will downplay the fullness of their cheeks. Round faces usually have their widths and lengths proportionate, so it’s a good idea to opt for chunky square or aviator-like glasses to create structure. 

Square shaped

Square shaped faces have sharp features. They have a defined jawline and high cheekbones. It’s favorable to dabble in frames that can soften these aspects of your face. Avoid small frames and go for round or oval glasses that contrast your strong features. 

Triangle shaped 

Triangular faces tend to have a wide jaw with the forehead area the thinnest. It’s best to find frames that deliver the opposite shape of your face: bold on the top and light on the bottom. Cat eye, circular, or geometric shaped frames are good to compensate for the slim forehead triangle-shaped faces have.

Eyewear tips for your eye and hair color

Brown eyes 

Anything looks good with brown eyes, from classic blacks to brighter hues. For a good in between, try olive or sepia tones to give your eyes some individuality. 

Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes sometimes switch from brown to green, which is why aligning your frame color will give it a nice monochrome look. If you want something that will really highlight your eyes, go for amber colored frames. 

Blue eyes

Natural tones like tortoiseshell and brown glasses will give your ocean eyes center stage. Although orange and champagne shades also make blue eyes more pronounced because of the unexpected contrast. 

Green eyes

If you want a show-stopping look, green eyed individuals should consider red frames as their everyday pair. Golds and purples can also replicate this effect but if you want it toned down, go for subdued colors like browns or navy blues. 


Brown hair tends to have gold or red undertones and can be versatile when it comes to eyewear. Earthy and warm shades like greens, reds, and golds pair well with brunettes. If that’s not your cup of tea, cool browns and beige shades are also a safe bet. 


Shades of pink and brown or tortoiseshell patterns look great on blondes because these colors either add a soft but dynamic effect on the face. 

Red heads

Red manes have a warm but vibrant color to them. If you want to stand out, try colorful shades like blues or greens. You can also give it a sharp contrast but wearing black frames. 

Gray/white hair

Gray or white hair go well with brighter colors, go for reds or purples. Avoid neutrals like beige or brown frames because these might wash you out. 

Eyewear brands you can trust

Picking the right kind of eyewear can be tricky. Make sure the brand you’re buying from has quality as their number one priority, and is fashion wise. If you’ve been planning on purchasing a pair of good eyewear pieces, consider these brands that are worth every penny:


One of the pioneers of eyewear, you can never go wrong with Ray-Ban. They have timeless designs that are known all over the world, like the Clubmaster and the iconic Wayfarers. But they’re not stuck in the past - they’ve completely revamped their designs to be classic but trendy all at once. 

Tony Morgan 

Exclusively sold in Vision Express, Tony Morgan is the UK's everyday eyewear brand because of its chic and modern designs, perfect for a jet setter that prioritizes practicality and style. 

Paul Smith

Another legendary eyewear brand, Persol is known for their suave designs and art-like quality that will make you feel like you’re in a dreamy film in the ‘90s. 

Knock someone’s socks off with a pair of glasses that suit you inside and outside. Invest in eyewear to keep the windows of your soul protected in the best possible way. 

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