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Ray-Ban's New Collection is here!

Ray-Ban is #ProudToBelong

Our stories may be unique, but our emotions are universal

It’s difficult to encapsulate human feeling; each one is unique yet universally felt. But while we can all pinpoint moments of happiness, gratitude, amusement and pride, not all of us can describe it in the same way. It’s this beautiful juxtaposition that makes us human and it is in these brief moments of connection that we’re shaped as we are.

Be #ProudToBelong with Ray-Ban as it celebrates this year’s campaign by highlighting these shared moments that connect us in the simplest yet most profound ways. Dive into every moment of the journey and embrace these moments—whether it forces out a bit of vulnerability and empathy out of you, sparks a little passion and joy or builds on your confidence and pride

It’s not just about enjoying the up-and-down ride of life; it’s about finding where you belong and being proud of it. 

The Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

From iconic shapes that stands the test of time, to high quality lenses delivered season after season, original styles never get old, especially when they’re updated with the latest technology. Ray-Ban continues this tradition for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection, giving everyone a reason to be #ProudtoBelong. From bringing back the 70’s retro spirit with square-shaped frames, to updating iconic wayfarer and aviator shapes and the much-loved Scuderia Ferrari collection, the new range boasts of styles for everyone.

  1. The Square Collection

When it comes to speaking in iconic eyewear shapes, no one is as fluent as Ray-Ban, especially seen in the metal-framed I-Shape Collection. With iconic shapes such as the oval, the round and the hexagonal, the brand is now bringing back something from decades past: the Square.

Be unstoppable as fashion and function marry to give you the Square collection. Taking its cues from retro styles, the Square is an ode to 1971, the year it was first designed. This season’s must-have if you want to make a fashion statement, the Square collection features oversized metal frames and your pick between Ray-Ban’s iconic green lenses or a variety of light-adaptive Evolve lenses. Stay comfortable with the flat Havana temple tips and leave them on for as long as your ensemble requires.

Retro? Try refined.

  1. The Evolve Collection 

The world’s favorite eyewear brand is beloved for a reason, one of them being their ability to develop new lenses based on changing needs. First, there was the classic polarized lens, followed by chromance lenses; and now, it’s all about the Evolve lenses.

Ray-Ban’s Evolve lens technology allows you to stay protected, no matter the light condition you’re in. With its light adaptive features, the lenses change with the sun, going from light in indoor areas to dark in direct sunlight, in a matter of moments. And with the brand’s signature UV protection, your eyewear can surely keep up with the lifestyle you have and the places you go.

Incorporated into iconic styles like the Wayfarer and the Aviator, the Evolve collection is perfect for all types of environments, from the city streets to wherever your feet take you, keeping you both protected and stylish.

  1. The Scuderia Ferrari Collection

Built for those that revel at the chance to showcase speed and athleticism, the Scuderia Ferrari collection from Ray-Ban highlights the little details that are sure to set you apart. The two leaders in their respective industries came together to developed eyewear inspired by the fast-paced life of a racecar driver, with premium technology and materials incorporated into each pair.

Specifically engineered for every type of need—whether lightweight, visibility or comfort—and a fast-paced lifestyle, this collection speaks volumes in terms of credibility in the field of racing. Enjoy features that include the brand’s signature metal and nylon frames, the double bridge and a curve that was designed for the finest comfort.

Besides, who doesn’t want to own a Ferrari?

  1. My First Ray-Ban

Not one to rest on their laurels, Ray-Ban has since expanded their eyewear assortment to include stylish, yet functional pieces forged in the brand’s iconic shapes, among them the My First Ray-Ban range.

Aptly named as such, the collection is your first foray into the world that the brand has to offer. Whether you want to dip your toes into its deep waters or are just looking for something that you can rely on 24/7 for the years to come, the specs from this collection are investments that allow you to—quite literally—see the results. Without sacrificing quality and essential features, Ray-Ban is making that first investment so much easier to make—the results of which you can literally see instantly.

Starting at a friendly Php3,990, these high-quality frames in a wide range of styles allow you to stay in control and keep your vision clear.

This year, we’re making it a point to be #ProudToBelong. Whether as a conscious effort or not, we’re celebrating everything from life’s greatest moments—where we’re truly able to be the best of ourselves—to its mundane silences that give us a little necessary breathing room. Allow every universal feeling to come at you: vulnerability and empathy, passion and joy, confidence and pride.

Ray-Ban® is officially and exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Branded Lifestyle, inc., an optical industry leader that represents the largest and finest global eyewear brands in the country today. Since the 1980s, the company has been involved in the retail and distribution of prestige and luxury eyewear brands in the market. Its distribution network spans the entire archipelago, with over 200 retail doors and counting.

Ray-Ban® is available in Vision Express Philippines, Eye Society, authorized department stores and other optical stores nationwide.

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