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Ray-Ban: Sporting the Style In The Philippines

When it comes to eyewear, Ray-Ban is definitely one of the first few brands that pop into people’s heads, especially in the Philippines. This may be because Ray-Ban shades are great for combatting the Philippines’ tropical climate. In 1944 General Douglas McArthur was one of the first to truly popularize the shades when photojournalists published several photos of him coming ashore here in the Philippines. 

Ray-Ban lenses have a level of UV protection that varies per model. The country has a UV factor score of 8.48 out of 10, making it even more practical to have a pair of Ray-Bans with you during sunny days. 

Here’s a guide on the types of lenses Ray-Ban offers. Make sure to check if your Ray-Ban has a CE mark that guarantees the shades have UV protection.

  • Classic lenses - absorb 85% of visible light and block most blue light.

  • Mirrored lenses - reduce glare for visual clarity and comfort.

  • Polarized lenses - block more than 99% of reflected light, eliminate glare, and enhance contrast.

Ray-Ban flatters most Filipino face shapes

Ray-Ban designs can be considered bulletproof in terms of style because it has a wide range of silhouettes that cater to a wide variety of face shapes. In one research, the most common face shape among Filipino women was oval, with 67 percent. Next was square, a far second with 11 percent. If you know your shapes, oval faces are the easiest to work with when it comes to eyewear. The facial proportions are balanced and the frames just have to be as wide as your face, not wider. 

To help you in this department, here are some crowd favorites from Ray-Ban. These shades like to keep up with the times and are dedicated to give your face some flair even after the years have passed: 

The Aviators

Description: Teardrop shaped that curves along the cheekbones

Face shape: Oval, Square, or Round

Style match: Can go from casual to smart casual

Personality match: Strong, adventurous, sporty, and on-the-go

The Wayfarers 

Description: Trapezoidal shaped with thick frames that go to a wing-like point 

Face shape: Oval, Round, Triangle or Heart

Style match: An all-rounder that goes well with casual wear to business attire

Personality match: Trendy, classic, bold, and sophisticated

The Clubmasters

Description: Top-heavy frame and temples accentuating the wearer’s natural browline

Face shape: Oval, Round, Square, or Triangle 

Style match: Works best with smart casual and office or business suits

Personality match: Smart, elegant, serious, and professional

The Rounds

Description: Round shaped lenses with wire or metal frames

Face shape: Square, Oval, or Heart

Style match: Can be matched with most street wear but can also keep up with dressy attires

Personality match: Trendy, retro, artsy, and smart

Ray-Ban goes beyond the boundaries of cliches and stereotypes. Each design sits different on every wearer and is a must-have accessory to elevate one’s look. Ray-Ban gets you your money’s worth because it pours function, style, and quality into every pair it releases. These are the reasons why it continues to be a go-to eyewear brand for more than 80 years, and why it’s a top-of-mind brand in the Philippines. 

If you’re going to invest, make sure you get your Ray-Bans from the real deal. The best option is to go to a trusted eyewear source like Vision Express where you’re sure to get 100% authentic Ray-Bans that will surely satisfy your fashionista needs. Check out our website for more styles and watch out for offers or discounts there. 

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