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Ray-Ban Evolve Collection: Your First Line of Defense

Ray-Ban Evolve Collection: Your First Line of Defense

Protection at all times

When the world discovered that there’s a need to protect our eyes, Ray-Ban was there. Not only did the brand produce iconic designs that are still being used today, they also developed technology that changes with the times.

First, there was the classic polarized lens, which was followed by chromance lenses. But in this day and age, it’s all about the Evolve lenses. Be #ProudToBelong in these colorful designs, of which the technology behind it allows adaptation based on your environment’s UV light exposure.

The Evolve Collection

For anytime and for everywhere, Ray-Ban’s Evolve collection brings together the finest design that provides you with 99-100 percent eye protection wherever you go. Ray-Ban’s latest lens technology allows you to stay protected, no matter the light condition you’re in. With its light adaptive features, the lenses change with the sun, going from light in indoor areas to dark in direct sunlight, in a matter of moments. And with the brand’s signature UV protection, your eyewear can surely keep up with the lifestyle you have and the places you go. It’s time to rest easy knowing you’ll get excellent visibility no matter the light exposure and no matter the environment.

At its heart, this collection marries together the best of technology with all the necessary aspects of functionality. And while it’s been incorporated into previous seasons’ must-haves, this time is different as we’re looking at the classics in a gradient Evolve update: the Wayfarer and the Aviator.


Wayferer Evolve

Wayfarer Round Evolve

The Wayfarer frame is as iconic as Ray-Ban itself, but the Wayfarer Round Evolve brings both of these to the modern age. Its slim acetate frame and temples bring a feel of cool that’s synonymous with sophistication, style and respect. Up the ante and make a statement with the Wayfarer with Havana print.

New Aviator Evolve

No one can talk about bringing classics to the 21st century without mentioning the New Aviator Evolve. Its silhouette is just how you (and the generations before you) have come to expect, but its simplicity and flexibility are perfect for the demands of today’s world. And for that added comfort, the make takes full advantage of the flat temples design.


Wherever you go and no matter your need, the Evolve collection is your first line of defense from the Sun’s harsh rays. Wear it from day to night, from occasion to non-occasion and from ensemble to ensemble—with its light-adaptive feature, you’ll never get left behind.

Be part of the movement as Ray-Ban ushers in a generation that is #ProudToBelong. Dare to be confident and passionate yet vulnerable as you let your guards down and show your true colors with the Evolve collection.

Ray-Ban® is officially and exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Branded Lifestyle, inc., an optical industry leader that represents the largest and finest global eyewear brands in the country today. Since the 1980s, the company has been involved in the retail and distribution of prestige and luxury eyewear brands in the market. Its distribution network spans the entire archipelago, with over 200 retail doors and counting.

Ray-Ban® is available in Vision Express Philippines, Eye Society, authorized department stores and other optical stores nationwide.


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