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Match Your Eyewear To Your Face Shape

If you take the time to match your glasses to your clothes, hair, and overall mood for the day, then it’s only appropriate to match it to your face shape as well. It may not seem like it, but your face shape is fundamental in making sure your eyewear is a ten out of ten for style and comfort.


It’s always a mission to find the right pair and you might even be guilty of picking out some that look good on display but don’t feel right the minute you try them on. This is probably because of the fact that it wasn’t the best fit for your face shape.

There are six primary face shapes, find out which one yours is here:



Oval faces have everything evened out. Their forehead is of medium width and has a slightly narrow chin. Frames for oval faces should be just as wide or wider than the broadest part of their face. Geometric shapes and strong bridges work well with this face shape because they do nothing to disrupt the face’s natural symmetry. Rectangular, square, round, and even cat eye frames can be good for oval faces, as long as it’s not oversized, anything goes.



Round faces have the same width and length because of their circular shape. They have full cheeks that curve to their forehead and chin. Round faces should opt for frames that are the same, width-wise. Rectangle, cat-eye winged tips, or square frames are good options for round faces because it’ll help the face appear slimmer and will give it the definition it lacks. Stay away from frames that sit directly on your cheeks or rimless glasses, these will only heighten the roundness of your face.



Heart shaped faces are like an upside down triangle, they have a defined forehead that narrows down to their jawline and chin. To downplay the width of their forehead, they should focus on balancing or taking off attention from their top heavy features. Bottom heavy frames are good for adding width to their narrow chin, while rimless frames can give a subtle balance. Steer clear of browline or embellished tops, these will accentuate your forehead and make your eye area look too busy.



Square faces have strong angles, especially in their forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. If this sounds like you, choose frames that oppose your natural face shape. Go for frames that are wider than they are tall, frames with curves like oval glasses, round browlines and aviators can soften the angles square faces possess. Avoid edgy frames because this will make your face look more boxy.



The opposite of the heart shape, triangle faces have a narrow forehead and widens all the way down to their cheekbones and chin. They often have strong jaws which is why the goal is to add width to the upper portion of the face. This can be achieved through frames that are top heavy in style, such as browlines, accented tips, or decorated temples. These are good options in balancing out the proportions of a triangle face shape. To make it count, be sure that the frames are slightly wider than the jaw.



The rarest among face shapes, diamond faces are narrow in both the forehead and jawline but sharpens at the cheekbone area. Draw attention to your delicate features with frames that have detailed browlines. Rimless glasses, oval and cat eye shapes also work well with diamond faces because they enhance the cheekbones rather than overpower them. Avoid small or boxy frames, these will emphasize the width of your cheeks in an unflattering way.

Some say the key to finding the perfect frame is by keeping in mind the cliche, opposites attract. In most cases, this is true. Several face shapes pair best with their complete opposites in terms of structure and silhouette. However, a surefire way of knowing which frames will look good on you is by organically knowing what your face shape is. Knowing your face shape like the back of your hand will help you narrow down your options and will lead you to the frame you’ve been looking far and wide for.

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