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Let Your Eyewear Do The Speaking

These days, people don’t need to lift a finger to be able to express themselves. Self-expression can be done through clothes, hair, body language--you name it. Eyewear does the exact same thing and allows you to gauge a person’s character before they even say “hello.” 

Your eyeglasses can be a reflection of who you are and you wouldn’t want people to get the wrong impression by wearing a pair that doesn’t fit you. 

Relate your eyewear to your hobbies, needs, and interests. This can help in determining what suits you as a whole. Use this guide to see which general trait conveys your personality the most:

For minimalists 

Less is more. Minimalists thrive within simple and pragmatic environments and their eyewear is no exception. If you belong in this category, then you’re naturally drawn to designs that are clean but distinct. These frames can satisfy your need for practicality without looking dull: 

  • Clear frames 
  • Metal rimmed glasses
  • Classic colors or styles 

For creatives 

For the unafraid and experimental, the creative crowd tend to flock towards unorthodox shapes and offbeat colors. For them, eyewear is just another medium they can use to showcase their craft and the aesthetics they want to embody. These are good options to get your creative juices flowing: 

  • Eye catching colors (a true red, royal blue, indigos)
  • Oversized glasses
  • Geometric frames

For old souls 

Old souls naturally have that debonair quality of the past. They don’t feel the need to make a show of their style because they already possess a kind of bravado that speaks for itself. These eyewear designs help in replicating an old-school vibe: 

  • Half-rimmed glasses
  • Glossy, laminated frames
  • Subdued patterns

For trendsetters

Not too far off from the creatives, trendsetters also like to stray from the confines of the ordinary. Anything glamorous and currently in-fashion will make their heart race, they don’t mind making their eyewear the center of attention because they know it’s more than just a pair of “glasses.” If you have a knack for trends, these frames are good for you: 

  • Cat eye frames
  • Tortoiseshell patterns
  • Aviator glasses

For workaholics

Talking business is their expertise. Although it’s not the most extravagant, office eyewear can be stylish as long as you utilize the right silhouettes and colors within your corporate dress code, much like these designs that are chic but still professional:  

  • Classic frame shapes (ovals, rectangles, or almonds)
  • Monochrome colors
  • Browline glasses

For athletes

Sports and a pair of delicate glasses is a disaster waiting to happen. Since you’re always on the go and changing in and out of locker rooms, you’ll need a pair of glasses that can withstand your competitive nature. For the athletic, consider these for when you buy your glasses: 

  • Flexible plastic frames
  • Primary colors
  • Neon accents

With these specifications in mind, you now have a stronger grasp on what kind of eyewear can best represent you. Eyewear, no matter how small or big they are, can speak volumes about your identity and personal style. Whether you’re the type to go with the flow, the latest trendsetter, or a corporate manager, there’s a perfect pair of glasses for everyone. 

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