Introducing the Shamir Autograph Intelligence: An Enhanced Individual Experience

Introducing the Shamir Autograph Intelligence: An Enhanced Individual Experience

Looking for an enhanced visual experience? Shamir is the technological innovator in the field of optics, has developed cutting-edge progressive lens designs, Shamir Autograph Intelligence.

Meshing together state-of-the-art technologies, AI and Big Data, this lens design can effectively match everyone's visual age and more. To learn more about Shamir Autograph Intelligence, the future of personalized eyewear, here’s a quick read for you.

Bridging the Progressive Lens Gap

What makes Shamir’s Autograph Intelligence lenses a cut above other progressive lens designs is its thorough and detailed research in the field.

Shamir’s research found that the visual age has different visual preferences and needs. As a result, their research has also identified a distinct gap between current “one-design” progressive lens designs and people’s diverse visual needs.


Designed to Match Visual Age

Everyone’s vision is different. Shamir Autograph Intelligence is a lens design that precisely matches the wearer's visual age and needs. Shamir’s progressive lenses provide personalized technology quickly and easily adapted to the wearer’s lifestyle.

Based on their research, Shamir has found a distinct gap between current progressive lens technology and what people need. As a result, they have harnessed and developed a revolutionary lens design that can:

  • Match visual ages and needs
  • Instantly focus technology
  • Smooth transition between vision zones
  • Available in 12 unique design concepts and materials


Lens Design For Every Stage and Age

Shamir’s latest and most innovative design provides a smooth, seamless lens design specializing in a visual age. This progressive design concept is tailor-made for any stage and age that you are in.

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