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Improve Your Eyesight at 60 and Above

How your eyesight changes – Golden Years 

What’s more golden than withstanding the test of life? At this stage, you’ve surpassed more than you could fathom, and staying healthy should be your top priority. 

When it comes to eye health, there are definitely more threats now compared to your younger years. Poor eye maintenance could lead to vision loss or an eye disease. Most eye diseases show no early symptoms of manifestation and can develop right under your nose. A study on vision loss among elderly patients shows that one out of three seniors has some form of vision-reducing eye disease. Eye problems get more complex the older we get them, affecting not just our eyes but other organs, too. 

Some common eye diseases that manifest at this age are either age-related or hereditary:


1. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) 

AMD is relative to age. The older you are, the higher your chances of getting this eye disease. It decreases central vision and affects activities that would require good vision, i.e. reading, face recognition, watching, and driving.


2. Cataracts

The most common vision impairment among the elderly is cataracts. It hinders normal vision and can make your eyes blurry. If not treated properly it can lead to color vision deficiency. It can develop in both eyes but usually one eye will carry it worse. 


3. Glaucoma

Glaucoma has a high chance of being passed on if your family has a history of attaining it. If you’re diabetic, it doubles the chances of you acquiring glaucoma because of high blood sugar. This is often painless but can lead to vision loss because of increased blood pressure in the eyes. 


4. Retinal Detachment 

This is when the retina separates from underlying tissues and occurs due to changes in the back of your eyes. Previous head or eye trauma or injury, diabetes, or other eye disorders can lead to retinal detachment.


5. Retinopathy

Diabetics are more prone to retinopathy. This is when leaking blood vessels affect the retina which causes swelling and cloudy, speckled vision. If not treated immediately, it can end in permanent blindness. A lot of eye diseases are connected to diabetes, so if you’re diabetic, you should be vigilant when it comes to your eye health. 

These eye diseases have the power to break down your eye health unless you start incorporating eye care practices into your routine. Eye exams are a good first step to being proactive when it comes to eye maintenance. Yearly visits to the doctor can introduce you to eye treatments that can prevent eye diseases from manifesting. Eye rehabilitation devices should also be utilized by those older to ease their vision impairments. And of course, following a strict healthy diet and abstaining from smoking is a great natural deterrent for eye disorders.

As a senior, it’s never too late to invest in eye care, however at 60 years old and above, you’ll need to be extra careful with your food intake and daily activity. Seniority has its own perks and silver linings, and seeing it unfold with your own eyes will make this season of your life much more enjoyable. 

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