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How to Spot Fake Eyewear [Infographic]


These days, eyewear goes beyond just a vision aid. It’s not just something you wear to see clearer. In recent years, eyewear in the Philippines has become one of the most powerful fashion statements people use to express their individuality, style, and even status quo.

And because people want to be seen wearing a brand that matters, fake eyewear also started popping up anywhere. Here’s a short guide on how to spot fake eyewear. It’s time to see things clearly so you can be assured of the legitimacy of the brand you’re wearing.

How to Spot Fake Eyewear When Purchasing Online

Buying eyewear online can be a lot trickier. Don’t fall for online bargain traps. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Learn some steps to follow so you can guarantee the authenticity of the eyewear you’re buying through our infographic below.

Examining the Actual Eyewear: How to Know It’s Fake 

Once you’ve decided on an online retailer, it’s time to check the actual product. Here’s how to spot a fake.


It’s Time to See Things Clearly

Fake eyewear in the Philippines is rampant as they are being sold everywhere. But with wise research, you can arm yourself with the necessary information so you can guarantee that the item you are buying is worth its weight in gold.

Don’t be fooled by online retailers selling “high quality” eyewear for dirt cheap prices. Remember: the authentic ones will never sell at a very unreasonably low price, even the used ones.