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How To Maintain Good Eyesight in Your Prime Years

How your eyesight changes – Young Adulthood

To the lucky youngsters out there with 20/20 vision, not to be the bearer of bad news, but that won’t last forever. Before you panic, know that your eyes has its own natural course of aging. It happens to all age groups but it’s definitely slower in your younger years. How it ages depends on your lifestyle, work habits, and food intake. While it’s normal that your eyesight deteriorates, there are preventive measures you can do to keep your eyes up to par with your current age group.


What happens to your eyesight as you age?


To help you prepare for what’s to come in the vision department, this is how your eyesight changes in the Young Adulthood stage.


As a young adult, you are estimated to be 19 to 40 years old. Healthy and good vision are expected, as they are to be fully-functional. Manifestations of eye disease or eye problems are scarce at this age and the only eyesight issues to look out for are eye strain from school or work, UV exposure, and sports related injuries. Take care of your eyes in this exciting stage by being careful with the activities you do. Balance is key and so is healthy moderation. With all the exciting things currently happening, jumping headfirst isn’t a surprise when you’re young. 


The phenomena of digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome isn’t uncommon, especially to millennials. The hustle that comes with studying or working keeps you from being wary of your working space. Due to this carelessness, it can cause eye strains from frequent intense staring matches with your laptop.  Poor posture and the blue light being emitted by your device are the main causes of digital eye strain. Your mindset is stuck on finishing what’s in front of you and you neglect your computer setup and the lighting in your room. 


Safety gear is a must when it comes to your peripherals. When working with machines and chemicals, or simply playing sports, it’s important to wear protective eyewear when the situation demands it. Walks under the sun can also pose a threat to your eyes because of the UV rays from the sun. According to a study, 94% of visible premature-aging around the eyes are caused by UV rays. Wearing sunglasses not only upgrades your look but also acts as a shield from possible UV damage. Small precautions like these will protect your eyes from future eye problems or eye injuries that can permanently damage your eyesight. 


Bottom line is, the young adulthood stage is more focused on prevention because that’s always better than finding a cure down the road. The plans you’re making with your youth can be deemed futile if you don’t prioritize your health along with it. Create a work and play ethic you’re comfortable with to keep yourself from being overworked. Don’t take your eyes for granted because life is more beautiful when you can see it happening before you.

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