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How to Keep Your Eyeglasses from Fogging Up


Eyeglass wearers know the struggles that come with wearing prescription glasses. They slip down your nose and most days you can’t even watch your favorite movie whilst lying sideways on the couch. These are only a few of the many complaints of the bespectacled. It can get pretty bothersome at times, especially whenever your lenses fog up when you least expect them to. 

Eyeglasses naturally fog up depending on the weather condition or temperature of the place you’re in. If you’ve been idling in a cold room for a while and you suddenly step outside where it’s significantly warmer, your eyeglasses will fog up. Condensation occurs when your cold lenses touch warm air, thus creating a film that you see as fog. This fogging then continues until your glasses return to their normal temperature. 

Luckily, clearing your glasses of that pesky film won’t take too much of your time. Read on to find out how you can keep your glasses fog-free:


1. Use anti-fog wipes, sprays, or creams

If you’re looking for an easy solution, anti-fog wipes, creams, or sprays are your best bet. They’re accessible and can be put in your pocket whenever you need to de-fog your lenses. These wipes and creams are formulated with compounds that prevent water droplets from forming on the surface of your glasses. They can be applied directly on the lenses, carefully buff it in through small, circular motions. Use a clean fabric to wipe until it clears.


2. Clean your glasses with shaving foam or cream

Shaving creams or foams are great if you’re in need of a quick fix for your cloudy glasses. Take a dab of shaving foam on your finger and rub it on your lenses. After that, wipe your glasses with a soft fabric. The detergent from the shaving cream reduces the surface tension on the lenses and creates a protective film to prevent any steam from forming.


3. Soap can work, too.

If you’re running low on shaving cream, another alternative for a DIY anti-fog coat, is a white bar of soap. Lightly smear your lenses with soap and buff it out until they become clear again. Don’t rinse it off with water because the leftover soap particles will keep your lenses from moistening.


4. Choose your rainy weather essentials wisely

Bundling up for the rainy season may be one of the reasons why your glasses always fog up. Fabrics of this season are great for trapping warmth, which is why once you breathe, warm air travels up to your glasses, causing them to fog up. If you can’t ditch the scarf, go for fabrics that have looser weaves. This will allow air to circulate outside of your clothes and lessen the frequency of your eyeglasses getting misty.


5. Wear or choose glasses that sit further from your face

Spacing your glasses from your eyes can increase ventilation and help prevent water from condensing in your lenses. It allows air to evaporate quickly, not letting the air you breathe get trapped behind the lenses. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can replace your glasses with a pair that gives ample room in the eye department.


6. Add anti-fog coating on your lenses

An anti-fog coating has anti-fogging agents that inhibit water from condensating on the surface, they basically block moisture from forming on your lenses. You can request for your glasses to be upgraded with an anti-fog coat. If you do, avoid wiping them aggressively because it may cause the coat to peel or rub off. This solution is best for getting rid of blurry vision because it is a more permanent and long term solution.

Even though it may not seem like a big deal, foggy glasses can be more than a bother; they can also be a hazard. Simply put, foggy lenses compromise your vision, which is why precautionary measures should be applied to maintain the clarity of your eyesight.

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