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How to Check If Your Ray-Bans Are Authentic

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but they always cut the quote right before it gets to the truth -- “that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” The same can be said for Ray-Ban counterfeits; they replicate the designs of the high-end brand and sell them for less (and of cheaper quality). 

Ever since the boom of the knock-off industry, counterfeits have learned to copy even the smallest of details, from the lenses up to the nooks and crannies of the frame. When you place an original Ray-Ban next to a class-A replica, you might notice how uncanny the similarities are. So, if you plan on buying a pair, be wary of these qualities only true Ray-Ban sunglasses would possess:

  1. Labels/Logo

For Ray-Ban products, the legendary logo is always seen on the upper corners of the lenses. Most Ray-Ban designs also have an etched ‘RB’ on the left arm of the sunglasses. Aside from that, the transparent nose pads of the glasses should have an etched ‘RB’ that can be seen through the silicone.

  1. Model number 

Every authentic piece of eyewear has a model number worldwide. Look for the model number of a Ray-Ban inside the left arm of the frame. The model number and size details can be seen from the left temple. Not all counterfeits are able to copy these small details; if they’re missing these, that’s a clear warning the product isn’t original. 

  1. Lenses 

All Ray-Ban lenses are made of superior quality materials, but their classic designs use superior glass for their lenses. Some newer models have lenses made from other materials; no need to worry, if the lenses are not glass, it’s probably a newer design.

  1. Packaging 

Ray-Ban has iconic packaging everyone is familiar with. The paper box that comes with it should have the Ray-Ban logo and once you look inside there should be a label with barcodes, showing proof that it’s from a legitimate retailer. The differing cases of Ray-Ban should resemble real leather, with a shiny gold or black seal on the front left side that says “100% UV Protection - Ray-Ban - Sunglasses By Luxottica.” The clasp of the case should also have Ray-Ban’s logo on it -- this is usually what knock-offs miss. 

  1. Accessories 

Designer brands don’t penny-pinch even when it comes to the accessories that go with the glasses. It should be complete with paperwork, dust cloth, paper bag, or box. The cleaning cloth should be of high quality, with the matching Ray-Ban logo. There should also be a booklet indicating guidelines on how to clean your lenses, product characteristics, and promotional images. This booklet, however, is not an authentication certificate or booklet, Ray-Ban doesn’t practice that, and there should be zero grammatical or spelling errors. 

  1. Point of origin 

Ray-Ban products are made both in Italy and China. Luxottica has factories in both countries, so don’t panic if you see that your favorite pair of shades are “Made in China.” Despite the difference in origin, the quality remains the same. If the location doesn’t align with where it’s supposed to be manufactured from, then it’s not the real deal. 

  1. Hinges 

Original Ray-Ban Wayfarers have seven barrel hinges on both arms of the sunglasses. The hinges themselves are screwed on to the glasses, they should never appear to be glued on. However, not all Ray-Ban models have seven hinges, there are some latest designs that have fewer hinges. Always check if they’re neatly embedded on the frame. Poorer quality is a big no-go.

  1. Overall quality  

Authentic Ray-Ban eyewear should feel sturdy and heavy. It shouldn’t rattle or squeak and the joints should feel strong. Fake eyewear usually have loose screws or feel much flimsier and weak. Ray-Bans are made from high-quality materials, are smooth all around, and should have no splinters or rough seams. 

Get value for your money

Don’t settle for faux eyewear just because they’re cheap. Designer brands are priced highly for a reason. They’re built to last for years, and when taken care of, even for a lifetime. Only buy from legitimate and credible retail stores like Vision Express. Not only do they have an eye for pieces that stand out, they also don’t tolerate double-crossing of customers. Come and buy wisely at Vision Express! 

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