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How to Buy Eyewear Based on Your Skin Tone, Eye, and Hair Color

Choosing the right eyewear frames is key to defining your look – “too cool for school”, “too hot to handle”, “the best candidate for the job”, or “just hanging out” – the possibilities are limitless. Before swiping your card and possibly having regrets later, consider these fundamental factors for “slaying your look” to perfection: understanding skin tone, hair color and eye color will guide your choice to create the look you want.

Skin Tone

Woman in polka dotted top wearing black rimmed glasses with blue temples that suit her skin tone

The range of skin tone shades is too vast to dictate matching frame colors for each tone. The best selection strategy focuses on the undertones – there are only three: warm, neutral, and cool.

• Warm complexions – They consist of peachy, yellow and golden undertones. It’s a good idea to stray from pastels or black and whites, anything that contrasts your golden undertone won’t blend well with your complexion. Instead, go for reds, browns, honey or beige shades. Beyond that, you can also go for tortoiseshell patterns, or a unique olive green frame.

• Neutral complexions – Since they’re a mix of pink and yellow undertones, they get to enjoy the best of both worlds. They can pull off any color because of their flexible skin tone.

• Cool complexions – On the other hand, cool complexions have red, pink, or bluish undertones. Eye frames of the color blue, purple, grey, silver, or clear will make their eyes stand out and will keep your skin from looking washed out.

Eye Color

Young man smiling wearing clear glasses

Tailoring your eyewear to compliment the color of your eyes is one of the best ways to boost your overall style. Determine which colors will best suit your peepers:

• Blue eyes – Steely blue eyes look more pronounced when they’re coupled with gray or brown frames because it gives a natural contrast of color. If that’s not your cup of tea, go for romantic colors like coral or champagne.

• Brown eyes – Like any neutral, different patterns and colors get along well with brown eyes. Ranging from classic tones to brighter hues, this versatile eye color can get away with even the most unflattering color matching. If you’re down to mix it up, go for salmon or lavender frames.

• Green eyes – They do say opposites attract, so maybe that’s why green eyes to red frames make an incredible duo. Aside from the classic red, deep plum shades also give the same striking effect as the latter. However, if you want to pursue a more toned down look, brown and earthy tones are a good option for green irises.

• Hazel eyes – Unlike other eye colors, hazel eyes aren’t just one solid color, when you look at them closely, they can harbor brown or gold flecks, here and there. Which is why pairing them with amber frames is an unrivaled combination because it really gives your eyes the center stage. Shades of green or dusty colors can also make hazel eyes pop.

Hair Color

Young asian woman in striped clothes wearing blue glasses.

Compared to eye color, a person’s hair color is easier to gauge unless they had it specifically dyed to a peculiar shade. Here’s a guide to see how your current hair-do can keep up with the specs you’re eyeing:

• Black hair – Going for neutral colors with mane-like hair instantly gives a sleek and sophisticated look because of the monochrome tones being mixed together. However, bright colors are also on the table because it creates a sharp contrast, which is ideal for those who like to be daring.

• Red hair – Bold as they are, they too, look fantastic with colored frames. The best colors to play with red hair are jewel-tones and dark colors because they automatically give a sultry vibe to the wearer.

• White/gray hair – Basically a blank canvas, white or gray hair gives you the liberty of experimenting with different colors and patterns. Although it’s quite old-fashioned, it actually gives your glasses the limelight, so be prepared to captivate people with those framed irises.

• Brown hair – Despite it being in the same color family, dark hues work surprisingly well with brown hair, particularly tortoiseshell frames and navy blues. Warm and bronze colors also compliment brunettes.

• Blonde hair – To bring back life to the faint color of blonde hair, colors like greens, tortoiseshell, or pastels are the shades blonde haired people should opt for. It gives your face dimension without it being overbearing.

There’s no time like the present, write these down and scan the racks for specs that’ll fit you like a glove in terms of style and function. You will be turning heads in no time. There’s no doubt that you’ll find the perfect pair for you at Vision Express, visit a store near you now!

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