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Geek Chic Eyeglasses Perfect for School


Schoolwork might be serious stuff but your back-to-school eyewear doesn’t have to be.

Going back to school means more than listening to teacher’s lectures and taking exams. It’s the time of the year when you meet new classmates who could possibly become your closest friends!

The way to make a great first impression is by ensuring you look your very best – and this includes choosing the right eyewear to suit your personality. Gone are the days where glasses equals boring. The Geek Chic trend is hot right now and everyone wants to wear a pair – even those with perfect vision!

More than just helping correct your vision and protecting your eyes from tech stress, eyeglasses are style statements for your face. Let your individuality shine through with what you choose to wear– from the shoes on your feet to yes, the eyeglasses on your face. Here are nine eyeglasses to choose from that truly make the grade in our books.

Choose the best eyewear!

Eyeglasses are cool, fashionable, funky, and most of all, they come in many designs! There are a lot of available eyewear in the Philippines to choose from, so there won’t be a shortage of options for you.

However, before you rock the campus with one of our suggested eyewear, it is best for you to assess the glasses and frames that match you and your personality.

After all, as part of your fashion statement, the eyeglass you wear will speak of you and the image you want to portray.