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Eyewear Trends To Try Before 2021 Ends

Living through a pandemic is one thing. Staying on top of trends while on lockdown is another.

Despite the world being at some sort of standstill, fashion managed to come and go. Time was not put on hold as expected, and this has manifested even in the eyewear industry.

Below is a fearless forecast of some eyewear trends that are here to stay until the end of 2021:


1. Retro Rectangular Sunglasses

2021 saw the rise of vintage pieces, especially now that sustainability is a hip lifestyle to follow. Retro Sunglasses, especially those with rectangular frames, are definitely in right now. In her viral Deja Vu music video, breakout star Olivia Rodrigo has since made this style iconic by wearing a pair.

Don some with stand-out patterns, and you’re good to go!


2. Cat Eye Glasses

Still riding the hype for vintage trends, cat eye glasses became a 2021 staple. With its eccentric frame and versatility, you can use it to go viral on your next TikTok challenge or just for your next Zoom meeting. If you want to give off a preppy and professional vibe, then this look is for you.


3. Y2K Sunglasses

Yes, Y2K fashion is back with a vengeance. Now that the influencers are re-sporting infamous Juicy Couture sweatsuits, it’s time to bring out the sunglasses that best came along with it. Strut like a 2000s Paris Hilton on vacation with rhinestone-encrusted, metallic logo-bearing, frameless eyewear to match.


4. Geometric Eyewear

There are days when your regular square or round sunglasses just won’t cut it. Good thing the geometric eyewear looks have been sticking around for a while. First seen during the heydays of 2018, the multi-pointed setting still exudes this generation’s penchant for quirky items. Our fearless forecasting is that this will be a fashion hallmark for the early 2020s.


5. Eco-friendly Eyewear

Today’s youth are increasingly becoming more environment-conscious, and there’s no better way to capture that zeitgeist than supporting sustainable businesses. 

It’s not too late to ride the 2021 fashion hype. Now that you’ve heard from us, it’s time to visit the nearest Vision Express or SHOP ONLINE at www.visionexpress.ph and have your order delivered straight to your home, hassle-free! Go check out the latest collections and stay on the fashion radar!

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