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Eyewear Trends That Will Win Over 2020


2019 was a whirlwind of fashion trends. Everything came in full force and the diversity of styles took the fashion community by storm. However, despite the surplus of all things beautiful, there were designs that certainly surpassed others, simply because they possessed the sought after, “je ne sais quoi” no trendsetter can say no to. With the year freshly turned over, make no mistake, these eyewear trends will continue for the rest of the year.

Imitating the 17th century

Baroque art was revived because of the intricate designs and audacity to show off their curves and edges. These types of eyewear mostly stick to regal and extravagant designs: one brand that achieves this perfectly is Dolce & Gabbana. Never one to cower from old-fashioned designs, D&G curated their Devotion collection to highlight the texture and structure of Baroque fashion, without making them look outdated. 

Adventurous, geometric shapes 

Boundary-breaking eyewear is either greeted lovingly, or sourly by the public. Geometric designs were praised the minute they came out of hiding. Designers level up their sunglasses by adding a hint of industrial edge with subtle, wire detailing. Coach successfully incorporated these trendy silhouettes into their cultured designs, especially in the Ombre Metal collection. This collection of sunglasses possess a soft gradient lens that’s paired seamlessly with sunset colors.

Urban haute couture

It wasn’t much of a shock when two ends of the fashion spectrum met, urban and haute couture. These sunglasses emit a high-end, athletic vibe most A-list stars can’t resist. A perfect example of this is Versace’s Signature Medusa line; it features voluminous shapes with a dash of street style spunk. Their shades embody a unique rimless detail that’s complemented by gold metal hardware and mimics Versace’s famous Medusa & Greca “hair clip.” 

Kicking it old-school

Young woman in denim jacket wearing cat eye sunglasses in red lenses

People can’t seem to get enough of the past because everyone still goes crazy over anything inspired by the ‘90s. An expert in making timeless eyewear, Ray-Ban resurrects their vintage Nina model in an upgraded design that still retains its retroactive dignity. Nina is reintroduced with new pastel frames and gradient lenses to give off the ‘80s bombshell leading lady that’s never seen without her cat-eye sunglasses.


Irreplaceable classics

Young woman in formal attire wearing a pair of Clubmaster glasses

Classic likes chunky blacks and tortoiseshell frames age well through the decades because they retain the appeal they had when they were first released. They’re incredibly workable with anything and everything which is why people keep coming back to them. An ode to the Wayfarer, Ray-Ban released the Burbank, a slim and rectangular frame that comes in timeless colors like black, red, and tortoise.

Elegant minimalism 

A sly, head-turning trend that truly stole the show was the principle of minimalism. It gave the fashion community the idea that in simplicity came beauty. This is especially true when it comes to metal-framed specs. Ray-Ban dove head-first with their Hexagonal line to fully embrace the essence and unexpected necessity of minimalism. Made from metal, these frames come in gold, black, and a combination of both to exude a utilitarian chic aesthetic.


Which one do you favor?

Young man wearing aviator in tortoise frames and clear lenses

Trends come and go, and right now it’s difficult to predict what fad will dominate the fashion world next. At the moment, these are the trends that have effortlessly captivated our hearts, a mixture of the old and the new. No matter what your preference is, take a look at our unrivaled selection of frames and sunglasses where classic, everyday specs join hands with avant-garde pieces, wanting nothing more than to fulfill your eyewear needs. Act fast and use our store locator to find a Vision Express store near you!

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