Eyeglasses Shopping Guide: BUY ONE GET ONE to Fit Your Lifestyle

Eyeglasses Shopping Guide: BUY ONE GET ONE to Fit Your Lifestyle

Like any article of clothing, there’s a time and place to wear a specific pair of glasses. As someone highly dependent on their prescription glasses, it’s essential to pick out a pair of glasses customized to your lifestyle. Aside from its look and feel, think about your day-to-day activities and the type of vision support you need.

To help you figure out what type of glasses you need, here are some reasons why you should own more than one pair of glasses.


Make A Fashion Statement

Got plans after work? The types of frames you wear can automatically change up your look. Getting an extra pair of glasses can level up your fashion game, taking you from work casual to party-ready. Vision Express gets access to fresh out of catwalk styles from global designer brands like Prada, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. An extra pair of glasses is always essential for fashion’s sake. 


Eye Protection Needs

Always in front of the computer? Love to take a bike around town? There are a lot of harmful UV rays that can potentially damage your eyes. Vision Express carries a wide range of different lens coatings for you. Find the proper eyewear to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays or block blue light from your devices. Or better yet, treat yourself to both pairs!


A Spare Pair is A Must