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Do Eyeglasses Add Sex Appeal?


If you grew up in the late 80s or early 90s and you wore eyeglass all throughout grade school and high school, you’re probably familiar with a long line of spectacles-related insults. But, gone are the days when wearing a pair of specs make your look nerdy or geeky.

Today, if someone calls you Harry Potter because of your round-shaped, black-rimmed glasses, you’ll take it as a compliment and won’t swish and flick and mentally mutter the Cruciatus Curse on the poor Muggle because eyeglasses now add to your sex appeal.

In a 2011 survey conducted by an eyewear brand, researchers found that wearing a pair of specs make you 75 percent sexier to the opposite sex. This, perhaps, started the popularity of wearing non-grade glasses. Further, people started seeing eyeglasses not only as a vision aid but also as a fashion item, even for those who don’t really need them.

Clark Kent and the Sexy Librarian

Clark Kent from the Superman franchise

Media has also played a role in fanning the flames of this sexy trend. Remember Clark Kent from the Superman franchise and the TV series, Smallville?

Hollywood has successfully created a slew of male lead characters who pile on the mystery, and many are using dark-rimmed glasses to make a point. Not to mention, women love mysterious-looking men.

In one U.S. study, researchers found that women found the “mystery man” the most desirable. It’s all about the mind games—these men keep them guessing what’s on their minds.

Or how about the legend of the sexy librarian? She may not be at par with the sex appeal of Marilyn Monroe, but the sexy librarian has become a powerful erotic icon across all media, and that influence is very much alive today.

How Eyeglasses Improve Your Sex Appeal

Similar to how changing your brows can frame your face, the right type of glasses can totally change the way you look to other people. For men, it’s all about mix masculinity with modern sophistication. The right kind of eyeglasses can make a man look more polished, dignified, sophisticated, sexy, and yes, even mysterious. The same can be said about the sunglasses.

The eyes and facial expressions are hidden behind dark glasses. It makes someone look unpredictable like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Okay, maybe not as drop dead gorgeous as him, but you get the idea.

On the other side of the fence, if cat eyeliners are fierce, cat eye frames are even fiercer. Sexy, bold frames allow a woman to display a slice of her wild side to the public. The right type of eyeglasses, when worn properly, can paint a titillating image of a career woman who can kick ass in the boardroom during the day and kick off her heels and do a striptease in the bedroom at night.

It’s like the sexy librarian has been pulled out of the TV screens and magazines and into real life. And they’re not just librarians anymore! The right type of glasses can make any woman bring out her sexy librarian regardless of job description. And that’s downright sexy and Cosmopolitan.

Sexy Eyeglasses in Hollywood
Don’t believe us? Here are some of today’s famous celebrities who look sexier when they have eyeglasses on. Be the judge.

1. Karlie Kloss



2. Eva Longoria



3. Jennifer Garner



4. Megan Fox



5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt



6. Robert Downey Jr.



7. Matt Bomer



8. Justin Timberlake



9. Bradley Cooper



10. Donald Glover


Pile on the Sex Appeal

Today, eyeglasses do more than just correct your vision. In fact, there are people who wear prescription contact lenses and wear non-grade eyeglasses just for the look alone. And that’s probably one of the best proof of how far people would go to wear glasses even if they don’t need them.

Unlike before when people are a bit shy of wearing glasses in public, they choose the less obstructive pairs. But, at present, glasses are bigger and bolder and come in various shapes, even colors! Some sexy eyeglasses for women come in red, dark purple, and even transparent frames. There are even spectacles that come with frames made of bamboo and other types of wood, but still, metal and plastic frames remain the top favorites due their flexibility and durability.

There are many eyeglasses in the Philippines today that cater to a wide range of demands and interests from customers. There are diamond, square, and round glasses and a long list of frame styles that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for prescription glasses or simply a fashion item to enhance your look, you can try to different styles and choose the right one for your facial frame.

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