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Digital Protected Glasses: The Unsung Work-from-Home Hero

With work and play getting blurrier separations since the pandemic, more and more people are experiencing increased screen times across all devices. Suddenly, we found ourselves rolling out of bed directly to our respective workstations, leaving little time for our minds to adjust. The outdoor restrictions did not help either. The limited options made us opt for indoor entertainment instead.

We may collectively agree that getting the commute out of the way did make our routines more time-efficient. However, the missing link between going from home to work did, let’s face it, dissolve the boundaries. With little environmental change, the situation may be a little harmful to the eyes.

An excellent alternative to that is using anti-radiation glasses. This eyewear is coated with a yellow film to counter the abrasive blue light from our everyday techs. The yellow film also helps decrease saturation, making viewing images easier for tired eyes—all these benefits without distorting the view.

Not only are anti-radiation helpful, but they’re also surprisingly handy too. We craft these specs out of lightweight material. Even better, digital protection lenses on prescription glasses have been a trend lately, mixing prescriptive and preventive use in one.

We do not sacrifice wearability for efficiency. With our wide range of global designer eyewear, we make sure that our patients can choose fashionable frames for all types of use and face shapes. Especially now that eyeglasses are no longer considered aids for better vision, but fashion accessories. 

The increased use of technology, even in our downtimes, indeed tweaked our approach to health. As we realize that the new normal may overstay its welcome, our daily essentials may need some reconsideration--good thing innovations like anti-radiation and digital protected glasses exist.

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