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Contact Lens Consumer Guide: 12 Questions on Proper Hygiene Answered

Contact lenses are more than just a fashion trend. They are an effective alternative for corrective eyeglasses.

According to a study by Contact Lens Spectrum, nearly 100 million people worldwide wear contact lenses. But despite the growing number of its wearers, many people are still not well-informed of the correct usage and proper habits in contact lenses.

Wearing contact lens without proper care may put your eyes at risk for developing eye complications and other infections. Furthermore, improper cleaning and bad hygiene can lead to a range of problems including eye irritation and infection.

You may be one of those people who prefer wearing their contacts when swimming or wear it even until your sleep. Will this affect your contact lens and worsen your vision?

Here are some common questions contact lens users may have in mind, along with the do’s and don’ts with regards to proper contact lens care.

On Wearing Contact Lenses

Can I use decorative contact lenses even without the doctor’s prescription?
Whether decorative or prescriptive, contact lenses must be assessed by an eye doctor before use. Since the eye’s surface has unique properties for each person, lenses have to be doctor-approved upon wearing.

Can I wear my contact lenses for more than 10 hours?
You may wear your contact lenses for 8-10 hours a day, but it is advisable to change to your glasses from time to time to allow eye’s oxygen intake to get back to normal.

It is not advisable to sleep with your contact lenses on, especially if it isn’t designed to be slept in.

Can I still wear my contact lenses if it has a little scratch on it?
Damaged contact lenses are not safe for wearing anymore, as it may scratch your cornea and collect other bacteria in that tiny tear that could bring other infections and problems to your eye.

Can I wear my contact lenses when swimming or even taking a bath?
It is highly recommended that you don’t because this may wash out the lenses from your eyes. In addition, water has relatively small organisms that may lead to an eye infection, so water should not come in contact with the contact lenses.

On Cleaning and Storage

Can I clean my contact lenses using water?
You can clean contact lens cases with tap water. But for the lenses, always use eye solutions prescribed by your eye doctor.

Can I store my contact lenses in any container?
Only use the container provided by your eye doctor. Also, clean the case daily using warm tap water with saline after each use and let it dry with the covers off.

How often should I clean my contact lenses?
As often as you can. This would prevent the lenses to avoid buildup of hardened protein deposits and oily films that are difficult to remove.

On Use and Maintenance

Can I use any other solutions aside from what’s prescribed by the doctor?
Don’t use different brands of solutions simultaneously. But if necessary, introduce them one at a time to avoid complications.

Can I borrow other people’s contact lenses?
Contact lenses are highly advised for personal use only and not for sharing.

Do contact lenses expire?
Each contact lens is marked with its expiration date on its packaging. Obeying the expiration date is an important part of safely wearing the contact lens since it may get a series of bacteria, fungi, and amoebae that can cause serious eye infections, and eventually, lead to blindness.

What if my eyes feel dry?
During lens wear, ‘comfort drops’ may be used to lubricate dry eyes, but they must be specially formulated for your type of lens. Never use regular eye drops because they contain the wrong type of preservative chemicals.

How often should I see my eye doctor?
See your doctor regularly and not only at times you feel like it. Sometimes, there are contact lens-related issues seen during a routine examination, even before you feel or see anything wrong with your eyes, so it’s best to be vigilant with eye care.



The use of contact lenses has been pretty much more than just correcting eye problems, as it has been a way of decorating the eyes with the many vibrant colors you can choose from.

Wearing of contact lens is not a bad idea, as long as you take note of the caring tips mentioned and not compromise style and fashion with possible eye problems in the future.

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