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Computer Vision Syndrome: An Eye Strain You Should Avoid

Protect Your Eyes from Digital Eye Strain 

Almost everyone has a tablet, laptop, or computer as part of their work essentials. It has become a necessity to have our phones with us at all times. According to the Philippine Journal of Ophthalmology, a call center agent spends around 4 – 8 hours in front of a computer or video display terminal on a typical workday, but this can be anyone – a graphic artist, a writer, or an accountant.

In today’s digital era, serious health concerns have surfaced, especially when it comes to our eyes. Eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches are the leading effects of excessive computer use, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain. This eye problem pertains to eye stress because of prolonged computer, tablet, or cellphone use. Users who look at their computer screen for more than six hours a day have reported to feel irritation, redness, strain, and blurred or double vision within their eyesight. Sometimes, headaches or neck strains occur with these other symptoms. All the more reason for us to avoid digital eye strain in the workplace.


Here are a few tips to keep your eyes healthy and in tiptop shape while using your computer:


Do eye check ups every year.


  1. This will signal you when to get new prescription glasses and give you a heads-up if your eyes are catching a disorder or disease.


Adjust your device settings


  1. If you’re struggling with the text size, save yourself the trouble and make the text bigger.
  2. Change the brightness of your screen depending on how well-lit your work area is.
  3. Lower the color temperature of the screen. This will lessen the blue light from the device.
  4. Make sure the computer is at least an arm’s length away and is 10-15 degrees below your eyes.


Keep your posture in check


  1. Sit properly and adjust your chair to a comfortable height that aligns well with your computer.
  2. Lay your laptop or device on a solid workstation that supports you through a day’s work.
  3. Avoid slouching to keep your shoulders and back from getting strained.


Take breaks


  1. If you wear contacts, opt to wear your prescription glasses occasionally, if you have any. This will give your eyes a chance to breathe.
  2. Look at something else besides your computer screen. Let your eyes rest on relaxing colors or views.
  3. Don’t forget to blink; this moistens your eyes to prevent it from drying up.


Reduce computer glare


  1. Install an anti-glare filter to reduce screen glare whenever you’re working.
  2. Add blue light lenses to your eyewear for extra protection. Blue Coat lenses or Lutina lenses are available in Vision Express stores.


Working hard should also equal to playing hard, don’t let your work get the best of your eyesight. Even if digital eye strain doesn’t sound like a threat now, keep in mind that these eye problems can evolve to bigger problems if you don’t start taking care of your eyes now.

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