Bold Glasses for your Zoom Calls

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For most of us, the words Zoom, Meets or Teams have become an all too familiar addition to our daily vocabulary. For most of us are working from home,  where we spend most of our time - hanging out on video calls with dodgy wi-fi and struggling to hear what everyone is saying.  As working from home is now the new normal for many of us, so is loungewear, messy buns and no makeup, but I think we can agree, we are all getting sick of looking the same every day. 


Here are a few tips on how to look like you have made an effort while working from home:

  1. Wear a brightly coloured jumper, shirt, or top - this is more noticeable than if you wear neutral tones daily. 
  2. Buy a face tanner and tinted lip balm - you don’t need to do your whole makeup routine in the morning but you look tanned, refreshed and like you have made an effort! 
  3. Switch up your glasses - glasses are now a must-have accessory more than ever, and bold glasses for Zoom calls are something we can help with at Fashion Eyewear.


If you don’t wear prescription glasses, don’t think this doesn’t apply for you. Everyone should be wearing a pair of blue light glasses, they protect your eyes against the UV light emitted from digital screens, and we all know working from home has meant for most of living in front of a digital screen for longer periods of time. Not only do they protect your eyes, but you will also notice how your eyes feel less strained and tired as the day goes on. They also protect your eyes from needing prescription glasses for longer. We have a range of ready-made blue light glasses here or you can add a blue light coating to any of our optical range.


Below are some of our favourite ‘bold glasses for zoom calls’ below:


You will definitely stand out on your Zoom meeting with your whole team in a pair of Tom Fords. They are renowned for sophisticated yet statement eyewear.


Do you love following the latest fashion trends? Gucci have a large collection of bold, oversized 70’s frames which everyone will love in your google meets! 

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