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5 Signs You Need New Eyeglasses

If you have been struggling with your vision, you might already need new eyeglasses.

Your vision changes over time. What’s on your TV or computer screen may appear fuzzy, or you may be having difficulty reading small print up close. So, when do you need a new pair


1. You keep on squinting.

Squinting lets in less light, which helps you get a clearer picture when your vision isn’t right. Although it can be a temporary fix to compensate for a slightly off prescription, it can also be a sign of poor vision. Frequent squinting can harm your eyes by causing excessive strain. If you let it go on for too long, your sight might get worse.


2. You’re getting headaches more often.

When your prescription is inaccurate, the muscles in your brain and eye adjust to help you see. This can cause eye fatigue or strain and can lead to headaches. If you’re struggling with frequent headaches, it might be a good idea to get a new pair of glasses.


3. It has been a year since your last eye exam.

As your vision changes as you age, so does your prescription. Even if you think your vision hasn’t changed much, you should still have your eyes checked. Getting an eye exam every six months is the best way to monitor those subtle changes and keep your eyeglasses up to date.


4. You’re having trouble doing work on your computer.

Is the font too small, or do you need new eyeglasses? If you’re getting headaches, eye strain, or fatigued from reading or using digital screens for an extended period, you may be experiencing digital eye strain. It might be time for you to change your eyeglasses.


5. It’s time for an update.

How long have you been wearing the same pair of eyeglasses? Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some new frames or lenses to suit your style! Also, technology is ever-changing, and some new eyeglasses now have filtering that could help protect your eyes when exposed to digital screens.

Take care of your eyesight and make sure your glasses are always up to date! Ready to get a new pair of eyeglasses? Find a Vision Express near you or SHOP ONLINE at www.visionexpress.ph and have your eye care essentials delivered straight to your home, hassle-free!

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