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16 Visual Guides Every Woman Needs to Find Their Personal Style


Ah, fashion. A woman’s best friend and biggest enemy rolled in one. Just thinking about clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, makeup, and accessories excites us, intimidates us, and gets our blood pumping. Women can talk about fashion for hours on end, but can you walk the talk?

Every day you plan out your OOTD so you can keep up with your friends and emulate your favorite celebrities and style icons. There is a vast number of styles that you appreciate, but it’s important to find the one that brings out your personality the best. So, what fashion statement do you really want to make? Here, we’ve compiled 20 infographics and style charts to help you find your personal style.

You don’t need to spend thousands of pesos to make your own fashion statement each day. With these visual guides, you can learn to mix and match and even revive some old clothes in the back of your closet.

Need to go shopping? Worry not. Once you’ve decided on your personal style, you don’t need a closet full of blouses and tops. You just need the basic pieces that go with your unique look.

1. Determining your skin tone

It’s not as simple as deciding whether your skin is fair, medium, or dark. Your skin has undertones that you need to take into consideration when choosing your makeup shades and the color of your clothes.

Thankfully, this useful infographic will help you determine your skin tone and choose the best colors to highlight your skin.

1 - Find Your True Skin Tone
Source: Fair & Flawless

2. Choosing the right makeup colors

Now that you’ve determined your skin tone, it’s time to choose the most flattering makeup colors. This guide will help you in picking the right makeup based on your hair color, skin tone, and skin purity to accentuate your natural beauty.

2 - How to Choose The Most Flattering Colors
Source: CosmeticSurgeryClinic.co.uk

3. Knowing your body shape

Identifying your body shape is the foundation for choosing flattering clothes. Once you know your body shape, you can pick the right clothes that highlight your figure or play down some areas of your body.

3 - Identify Your Shape
Source: MonroeandMain.com

4. Matching clothes with your body shape

Here are some tips on choosing the clothes that match your body shape—from swimwear, pants, tops, and skirts.

4 - Body Shape Style Tips
Source: Triactol

5. Choosing outfits for all occasions

You don’t have to be confused about what outfit to choose with this handy wardrobe guide for all occasions.

Source: Real Simple
Source: Real Simple

6. Knowing the best neckline for you

Necklines can help you look leaner, longer, or fuller. Choose the neckline that best suits your body shape.

Source: Ezibuy
Source: Ezibuy

7. Fitting denim pants

Jeans are basic items in your wardrobe. Make sure you have a few pairs of denim pants that fit you perfectly.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

8. Finding the right cardigan

Cardigans go a long way. Finding the right cardigan for your body shape isn’t as hard as you thought it would be.

8 - The Right Cardigan for your Body Shape
Source: insideoutstyleblog.com

9. Learning the types of heels

Heels make women look sexy. So, get your shoe on with this shoe style  guide!

10 - Heel Styles
Source: picVpic

10. Pairing jeans and shoes

Jeans are universal. Pair them up with the perfect shoes to make you look dressy and sexy.

11 - Jeans and shoes
Source: style-n-naina.com

11. Picking bag shapes

Bags are more than just a carrying case for your items. Bags make for a strong fashion statement. Here’s a glossary of bag shapes.

12 - The Complete Glossary of Bag Shapes
Source: PopSugar

12. Complementing necklace to your neckline

Know exactly what necklace to wear with every neckline.

Source: mixnmatch-hk.com
Source: mixnmatch-hk.com

13. Tying scarves

Scarves can keep you warm and add color and texture to your outfit.

14 - 40 Ways to Tie a Scarf
Source: scarves.net

14. Picking the right eyewear

Squinting is never sexy. Pick the right eyewear that can complement your personal style.

Which Eyewear will Best Suit your Face Shape and Personality
Source: VisionExpress.ph

15. Creating your own capsule wardrobe

Now that you have more information about building your personal style, use this quick guide to creating your very own capsule wardrobe.

16 - How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe
Source: flipandstyle.com

16. Defining your personal style

Define your personal style! These iconic fashion muses can help you put a name to your unique and personal fashion statement.

17 - How to Define Your Personal Style
Source: DownTownDemure


So, have you decided on a style that suits your personality? These 16 visual guides can absolutely help you define and build your personal style. Become a total fashionista and be your own brand with these helpful tips and guides.

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