Beating the eyewear trend? Go retro and be ahead of the curve

Beating the eyewear trend? Go retro and be ahead of the curve

Drive down memory lane, with sunglasses of course


Summer may be the most frustrating season here in the Philippines because of the intense heat that we have to endure whenever we’re out and about. You even feel the heat even when you’re at home.  It makes turning the AC on day and night a regular thing. While there are tons of reasons to hate the hot weather, can we all agree that it’s also the best season to put your eyewear on and get into the summer vibe? We know you’re nodding, too. 

Let’s face it - summer is the perfect time to step into the daylight and be adventurous. But of course, you’ll need a weapon to beat the glare of the blazing sun. In case you’re on the hunt for new sunglasses, we created a list of classic silhouettes that never go out of style. Yes, you can thank Vision Express later.



Making it at the top of our list is none other than the Aviator. Did you know that these go way, way back? It was first used to protect the eyes of the US Airforce pilots against the blinding glare of the sun. Now, can we just take a moment and applaud the person behind this invention? Little did he know, it became a timeless creation that’s used generation after generation. If you’re all for rocking a retro look this summer, you can never go wrong with these Ray-Ban Titanium Aviators that go well with any outfit! We definitely recommend these sunglasses for people who enjoy outdoor activities. Trust us when we say, “It’s a must-have.” 


CAT-EYE (1920)

For so many decades, the cat-eye sunglasses have been part of the eyewear industry revolutionizing women’s take on sunglasses by giving that sultry and sophisticated aura. The eyewear first gained attention when Audrey Hepburn was seen wearing the glasses in her famous movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” What more can we say? Audrey Hepburn has the power to make everything look iconic. Up until this day, this eyewear style has been a top of mind fashion accessory for everyone. So to all the fashion-forward folks out there, it’s time to match your summer chic style and get your hands on these Bvlgari glasses to make a fashion statement with those cat eyes.



Round glasses came into the scene back in the 13th century. Yep, that’s how long these glasses are in the industry. Pretty sure that “eyewear enthusiasts”, like us, fell in love with its circular frames that exude that “genius” aura. Or maybe because they compliment our new Korean-inspired look? Well, whatever look it is that you want to try this summer, these Ray-Ban Washed Evolve frames can match your everyday look while keeping yourself protected from any harmful effects of the sun. 

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