Tired of having eye fatigue? Yep, blue light might be the problem

Tired of having eye fatigue? Yep, blue light might be the problem

Read on to know how to give your eyes a break from all the blues from your digital devices


It’s undeniable that the world has come a long, long way from what it once was. Digitally speaking, we’re so advanced that infrared, which was introduced as the fastest phone-to-phone transfer at that time, is now considered obsolete. Those were the glory days. Fast forward to now, the growth of the digital world has tremendously affected our lives, especially during this time of pandemic. From playing your favorite video games, to binge-watching your new addiction brought via K-Drama, not being able to survive the day without looking at your phone might just be a reality we’re slowly dipping into. Admit it or not, you know you can relate. 

If you’re one of those tech-savvy users who spend hours staring at a monitor or whatever gadget it is that you have, chances are, you’ve already experienced some eye fatigue, headaches, or blurry vision. And yes, we’re pretty sure that at some point, you researched these symptoms too. Don’t worry, there’s a lower possibility that it’s cancer or any scary disease that you may find on the internet because it could all just be the effects of blue light. 

ICYDK, blue light is the visible light spectrum that our devices emit. It can definitely harm your eyes if you’re overly exposed. Unfortunately, it’s not something that one can get away from because it is everywhere - laptops, phones, computers, LED light bulbs, televisions. Literally, everywhere, you name it. But don’t think it’s hopeless! Thanks to the pioneers of Blue Light Glasses, they created an armor that we can use to protect our eyes from its damaging effects. And thanks to us, it won’t be difficult to choose the perfect anti-blue light glasses because you can easily find one that suits your lifestyle. Continue to read on to find the perfect eye style for you. 



For gamers who technically live in front of their laptops or computers, it’s very important to find the proper lighting. Although a lot of people think that keeping screen brightness at the lowest is the ideal thing to do, opticians say otherwise. Having low screen brightness equals eye strain. Yikes. How about keeping it bright? That equals eye strain complemented with dry and fuzzy eyes. More yikes. But fret not because with the help of these Rayban eyeglasses equipped with blue light protection, you’ll be able to win your battle against its short term effects. 



During the start of the pandemic, many have had the time to curl up on their couch, binging their favorite TV or Netflix show. We know we all keep watching even though our eyes feel like they are about to give up on us. Acting like complete savages if you ask me. And the funny thing is, binge-watchers probably get more screen time than sleep. So if you’re reading this, now is the time to start taking care of your eyes so you can continue watching your favorite show/s comfortably. Just say thank you to Kenzo's full rim eyeglasses, for it’s a match made in heaven for every binge-watcher out there with its comfort and protection. 



Have you ever seen a person juggling a laptop, phone, and an iPad all at once? Do you feel like you’re being attacked by us right now? Yep, you’re probably part of the working professionals we’re talking about. “Free time” is a concept that they have never heard of because they spend most of their day facing their gadgets. To say it simply, there’s just no time for a screen break. Prolonged exposure to blue light, no matter what devices you’re on, causes eye fatigue, blurred vision, and dry or watery eyes. Though preventing these may sound like an impossible task, there’s one effective way to block all these effects. Have any guesses? Of course it’s about using blue light glasses. Since we’re already on the topic, we’d urge you to cop this pair of Prada Titanium eyewear to stay stylish and healthy.

We listed a few of thousands of lifestyles out there, but all we’re trying to say is that blue light is a problem, and we have the solution. Still looking for more options? Fortunately,with Vision Express’ ongoing Block The Blues campaign, we’ve prepared tons of choices that provide protection from all the blues that you can get from the artificial blue light on your digital devices. Still curious to see what they look like? Drop by our physical stores or our online store to take a peep. 

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