Gearing up for your kid's return in school? Here's how you can be a support system for them

Gearing up for your kid's return in school? Here's how you can be a support system for them

Shopping eyewear for kids is now as easy as 1,2,3

You might think it’s still a little too early to prepare for the next school year, but the truth is, time flies so fast. Next thing you know, you’ll wake up one day finding yourself in a rush to complete your child’s back-to-school essentials. Thankfully, we’re here to help you avoid the rush and give you a head start on completing that checklist of yours! 

We know how confusing it can be during these unprecedented times. For example, you’re probably as unsure as we are whether the next school year would still be an online setup or will the situation already allow us to conduct face to face classes? Well, considering the rise and fall of the country’s COVID-19 cases, it is better to be prepared no matter what the predicament is. Moreover, for the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed a huge change when it comes to our education system. From traditional schooling, to online learning, it’s been such a big adjustment not only for the students, but also for the parents. And amidst all of this, one thing has remained constant for the learners, and it’s the usage of digital devices. In fact, it even catapulted the number of hours they’re exposed to blue light with an average daily screen time of 10 hours and 27 minutes. Can you imagine that? With that amount of exposure, we’re pretty sure the word “discomfort” resonates with the person on a whole other level thanks to blue light..

There it goes again, the word “Blue Light.” If you read our last article, you’ll know that blue light is an artificial light that’s being emitted through digital devices. And yes, everyone is exposed to it, especially your children. The good thing is Vision Express has got you and your whole family covered, in blue light protection that is. Your children will certainly enjoy rocking these Blue Light Glasses as you or they can choose the best eye style for their lifestyle. Keep reading to know which eye style is best suited for your child! 



Admit it or not, preschoolers can get a little rowdy when left unattended. And as a solution, parents usually turn on their favorite Cocomelon video either on TV or iPad to find a little peace at home. While this is understandable, it’s also important that we instill to them the importance of taking care of their eyes at a young age. What better way to do it with this pair of Rayban Highstreet Junior that will guarantee you that they’ll look cute and cool while singing along to the tune of their playtime songs. 



Children at this age and level are surely affected by the transition into distance learning. While they’re coping with the fast-paced digital world, you, as a parent, are adapting to keep their support system up.  So in an effort to help, here’s one incredible tip so your children can experience a smooth-sailing online class without them feeling any eye discomfort or having blurred vision. Grab them a pair of these Ray-Ban’s Highstreet Junior Eyeglasses.



Many parents observe that teens are a little bit handful, though in a different aspect. This is usually the stage when they care more about how they look and also the time when they kind of like to be in control of their life. Our advice? Well, we’ve all been through that, so maybe you could cut them a bit of slack. Being a high school student comes with a lot of pressure whether it’d be about school, peers, or family. We can even say that this pandemic doubled the pressure that they’re feeling especially because their whole day is spent on using digital devices. At this point of their lives, parents should make them feel all the love and support. How do you do that? There are a bunch of ways, but you can also consider buying them eyewear that’ll bring them comfort and style. With Bolon eyeglasses, you can get the best of both worlds.

Probably the biggest takeaway from us is that may it be out there in the traditional scope of schooling or in the world of e-learning, parents have a huge role to fill in. Vision Express is here to help you take care of your children by providing the best vision care possible. 

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