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Breaking summer style with Sunscription lenses

Breaking summer style with Sunscription lenses

We are officially ushering in the summer season! And, as you shop for your summer essentials, don’t forget that it is high time to be even more aware about the perils of harmful UV rays. Now, more than ever, you need to be equipped to fully protect your eyes at a cost that best fit your budget. Include eye care in your summer must-haves, because summer can just go by in a blur and we’re committed for you to see through the summer in a breeze. We at Vision Express are here with a 40% off on selected Sunscription lenses from March 1 to May 31, 2018; these include transition, polarized, and mirror or flash lenses.

In the interest of making the most of your summer getaway, we have provided a myriad of choices for grading your sunglasses, just in time for the season and in the right for your wardrobe equipped with 100% UV protection.



It can be a hassle for those who wear glasses to switch to contacts so that they can wear their favorite brand of sunglasses. At Vision Express, we can add your customized prescription to sunglasses lenses in a variety of colors by the renowned lens manufacturer Shamir.


If you don’t like having to change your glasses from indoor to outdoor, photochromic or Transition lenses are for you. This type of lens turns darker when exposed to UV light sources such as sunlight and lighter again when indoors.


Sunglasses equipped with polarized lenses reduce glare from reflections on water or any flat surface. Our Ray-Ban® polarized sunglasses indicate a P for Polarized on its lenses and used by sports and outdoors enthusiasts just as much as it is used by profession drivers or athletes in water sports.


Trendy mirror or flash sunglasses are treated with a reflective optical coating (called a mirror coating or flash coating) outside the lenses to decrease the amount of light that passes through and therefore protecting your eyes from UV rays.

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