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Spray Clean 30ml | Accessories - Vision Express Philippines

Spray Clean 30ml | Accessories


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Designed for cleaning and disinfecting glasses lenses.
Protects the outer coating of the lenses.
Has anti-static properties.

Classic spray Spray Clean 30, created for all types of lenses, including polycarbonate. The anti-static formula is also suitable for lenses with mirrored and anti-reflective coatings. The spray does not contain alcohol. Has an easy-to-use spray bottle. 

Eyeglass lens care

Modern eyeglass lens care products combine high quality cleaning, easy handling and trendy design. They are designed to help eyeglass wearers keep their spectacle lenses in good condition for better wearing comfort and long life. Unfortunately, the accelerating rhythm of life leads to the fact that many people care little about the proper care of their glasses, they are rather careless with them. In this article, we will explain the principles of cleaning spectacle lenses and the main types of products on the market.

Cleaning technical aspects

During use, various contaminants are deposited on spectacle lenses, which reduce their light transmission, worsen the appearance of glasses, and in addition, can cause damage to the surface of the spectacle lens. Contamination has different origins: it can be human waste products, food contamination, and environmental contamination. Human waste products include sweat, the remains of exfoliated skin. They form a water-insoluble oil film on spectacle lenses that absorbs dust particles. Food contamination can be deposited through the preparation and absorption of food and is as varied as our food. The problem of pollution "coming" from the environment is most urgent for people living in large cities with a difficult environmental situation. They contain everything that is around us: dust of any origin, soot and combustion products of automobile fuel,

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