An Easy Guide To Finding The Perfect Frame

Finding the perfect pair of glasses shouldn’t be rocket science. It’s only right for you to be particular about the type of eyewear you’re looking for, especially when you’re seeking to strike a balance between style and function. To find the right pair, you have to consider your skin tone, face shape, eye and hair color. Keeping these facial features in mind before settling on a pair will make a significant difference and help you up your eyewear game, so best to take note of the following pointers: 

The Best Eyewear for Your Face Shape

Your glasses will be sitting front and center, naturally reflecting your facial proportion and form. Determine what your face shape is and what type of frame will aptly suit your profile. 


Square faces have a strong jawline and a wide forehead. The width of their cheekbones are often the same proportion as the rest of the face. 

  • Goal: Soften the hard angles and boxy appearance
  • Eyewear styles to consider: cat eye, aviators, round or browline glasses


Round faces have wide cheekbones but their forehead and jawline have softer angles.

  • Goal: Add more angles to make the face slimmer 
  • Eyewear styles to consider: square, rectangular frames, geometric frames with sharp edges


Heart faces are widest at the forehead and gradually narrow through the jaw, also referred to as the inverted triangle. 

  • Goal: Draw attention away from the forehead and add width to the bottom half of the face
  • Eyewear styles to consider: aviators, square frames, bottom-heavy frames


Opposite of the heart shape, triangular faces are widest at the jawline and gradually narrow through the forehead. 

  • Goal: Add width on the upper half of the face to balance facial proportions
  • Eyewear styles to consider: cat-eyes, browline glasses, frames with top heavy details or accents


Oval shaped faces possess slightly wider cheekbones with a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jawline. 

  • Goal: Emphasize the natural balance of the face.
  • Eyewear styles to consider: square or geometric frames, rectangular glasses (most styles will work on this face shape as long as they’re not oversized)

The Best Eyewear for Your Skin Tone

The color palette for eyewear is endless. Knowing your skin tone will help you narrow down which colors flatter your complexion. 

Warm Skin Tone

Yellow, bronze, or golden undertones

What to try: 

  • Light tortoise shell
  • Browns
  • Gold or honey
  • Beige
  • Olive greens
  • Warm reds

What to avoid: 

  • Pastel shades - too cool
  • White and black frames - not flattering
  • Greenish tones - may give a sallow cast

Cool Skin Tones

Pink or blue undertones

What to try: 

  • Silver
  • Gray
  • Blues
  • Pinks or mauves
  • Purples
  • Dark tortoise shell

What to avoid:

  • Golden hues - clash with naturally rosy complexion
  • Black frames - can be too harsh

Neutral Skin Tones

A mixture of pink and golden undertones

What to try: 

  • Can wear just about anything (gives you room to complement your eyewear based on your face shape or hair color) 

What to avoid:

  • Playing it too safe when you can choose to go for any colored frame to make your eyes pop

The Best Eyewear for Your Hair Color

Never neglect the power of your hair. It hangs close to your eyes and can make or break your chemistry with a pair of glasses. 

Black hair

  • Gunmetal
  • Navy blue
  • Dark greens
  • Browns
  • Saturated hues like reds or purples

Cool brown/ash blonde

  • Blacks
  • Pinks
  • Blue
  • Dark tones
  • Dark tortoise shell

Warm brown/auburn

  • Warm, earthy colors like greens, reds, and gold
  • Bronze
  • Tortoise shell


  • Greens and browns
  • Copper
  • Darker colors
  • Avoid red frames as they blend in too much

Warm blonde

  • Pinks 
  • Browns
  • Warm colors
  • Tortoise shell

Cool blonde

  • Blue
  • Amber
  • Purple
  • Pastels
  • Cooler pink tones


    • Brighter/vibrant colors
  • Avoid beige or brown frames as they can dull your features
  • The Best Eyewear for Your Eye Color

    Accentuate your eye color by knowing which shades work well with them and which don’t. Use these colors for reference: 

    Brown/amber eyes

      • Tortoise shell 
      • Golds
      • Greens
      • Black
  • Standout option: bold colors
  • Hazel eyes

      • Deep greens
      • Grays
  • Standout option: green or amber
  • Green eyes

      • Brown
      • Earthy tones
      • Gold tones
  • Standout option: pink or purple
  • Blue eyes

      • Navy blues
      • Gray tones
  • Standout option: orange, rich browns, tortoise shell
  • Gray eyes

      • Bright colors
  • Avoid blacks, grays, or white as they can create a monochromatic look
  • Standout option: bright colors
  • Excited to get your very own eyewear?

    It’s true that what looks good on others may not look good on you, especially when it comes to eyewear. The best reference point will always be your own face. If you still can’t decide, the next big thing is to consult with your eye stylist, Vision Express. 

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